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It depends. If it was your Basketball hoop that fell on someone else's car, yes. The insurance company should cover damages to someone else's vehicle while it was on your property if an "act of God" caused damage. If it's your vehicle on your property or even if you're renting the property, sorry. you're out of luck.

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What's the easiest way to pull a windshield without cracking it?

I hope someone can answer this. I am needing to take a windshield out with out cracking it.

Will homeowners insurance cover a foundation that is cracking?

No unless the foundation crack was caused by something like an earthquake. Normal wear and tear is not covered.

Does homeowners insurance cover a foundation wall caving in if no water or mud is present but cement blocks fall into the basement below ground level?

Homeowners policies have an exclusion for 'settling, shrinking, bulging, cracking, ect. of a foundation or wall. You can report the claim and see what your insurance company does, maybe you are on a sinkhole.

Will homeowners insurance cover repair to a sinking concrete porch?

Homeowners policies exclude damage due to "settling, cracking, bulging, shrinkage or expansion of foundations, walls, floors, ceilings, walks, drives, curbs, fences, retaining walls..." (language varies by state)

Will homeowners insurance cover mortar cracks on a brick home?

No, unless those cracks are a result of a differnt direct loss such as a vehicle hitting the home or a tree falling on it. Most if not all insurance policies exclude cracking in brick, plaster, and drywall as well as vibration.

Does your homeowners insurance cover your driveway cracking and crumbling?

Your homeowner's policy covers unexpected losses like back up of city sewer water into a basement or loss due to burglary. So, unless your driveway is cracking and crumbling because of some unforeseen cause, your homeowner's policy will not cover it. If your driveway was just recently repaired or installed, you might want to check your warranty.

Does homeowners insurance cover a bad slab?

What is bad? Insurance coverage is based on cause or reason. In order to properly answer the question one would need to know why the slab is bad. Why? If a big rig truck ran off the road and into the side of the house and damaged the slab this would be a covered claim. Your homeowners insurance covers claims where a vehicle strikes the house. Did ground water flooding damage the slab? If so you would need flood insurance. No homeowners covers flood. Flood is flood and is insurance offered by FEMA. You don't get flood coverage under homeowners policies. Is the slab bad because the work done to build it was poor? There is no coverage to repair the slab but if the slab being bad caused ensuing damage there may be coverage for ensuing damage. Has the slab just started cracking because no expansion joints were put in the concrete? This is really not a sudden an accidental event. In fact it is normal and thus not something homeowners insurance covers. Need to know why slab is bad to get you a better answer. Tried to answer giving a few different options.

Will homeowners cover a water line that springs a leak causing water to pour into the ground and shift the dwelling cracking the walls?

This could be a complex issue. Resulting damage from a plumbing system leak is generally covered. Expert opinion on the cause of wall cracking (usually excluded) may be needed to determine if the damage to the walls is directly related to the plumbing leak. Report the claim to your insurance company. //

How much can your insurance go up with a DUI conviction?

== == Why do you assume you will GET insurance, after a DUI? The insurance industry is cracking down on those who drink and drive, by refusing to insure such drivers.

How do you Remove a vw passat wiper arm?

Lift wiper assembly off of windshield into "up" position. Rotate 90 degrees. Pull wiper blade assembly gently toward the windshield. It slips right off. Note: Put protective barrier like cardboard or a towel over windshield in case blade assembly snaps back toward windshield to avoid cracking the windshield.

If underground valves in a sprinklerr system burst and caused a lot of cracking in the walls will the insurance comapny pay for the cosmetic work to repair the walls and a soil test?

Most homeowners policys say the loss must be sudden and accidential, and exclude grandual deterioration, but I would turn in the claim, and get the opinion.

How do you take a windshield out without cracking it?

You can do this , how ever you need some very specialized tools . Better off bringing it to a glass shop as the tools are very pricey.

How do you spell cracking?

Cracking is correct, as in cracking an egg.

The walls and floors of your house are cracking does your home insurance pay for repair?

No. Unless the cracking is due to a covered cause of loss. Check your policy for a complete list. For example, if you carry Earthquake Insurance and the cracking is due to a recent quake, then YES there would be coverage. There are also home warranty policies that can be obtained that cover maintenance items such as HVAC, plumbing and you could look there for wall/floor cracking to see if its excluded, but garden variety Homeowner's Insurance will not cover any construction defect or maintenance issues. The intent of the Homeowners policy is to cover sudden and accidental loss even if the loss is not immediately noticeable, while the Contractor who built your home is responsible for building seaworthy homes and if he/she has failed to do so, inquire with them about a resolution, especially if the home is less than 10 years old. Most states require you to seek assistance and resolution from the builder before taking any legal action. This saves you mountains of time and energy to allow the builder to make repairs if they are willing to do so.

Will homeowners insurance cover this My house had an addition built 2 years ago now the addition is sinking The inside of the house is cracking and leaking is spots the wall are starteing to pull away?

Call your company. Some companies do not cover shifting od the earth. What is causing the sinking? Check your policy under Perils Insured Against, and the section on Exceptions.

Convenient Mobile Glass Repair ?

When your windshield is damaged, the last thing you want to do is drive to the repair shop to get it fixed. You would rather have the repair shop come to you. Even if your windshield has only been chipped by a rock, it is important to have it repaired. The longer you wait, the better the chance that it will evolve into a crack, and your windshield could shatter at any time. A benefit of not replacing the whole window is that, when an entire windshield is removed, it breaks the factory seal, and impedes the integrity of the new windshield placement. It is much more advantageous to have the rock mark repaired right away. Repairing a rock chip on a windshield uses the latest window repairing technology to bond the chip mark, which keeps the window from cracking any further and makes the window look as good as new. Any chip, from a very small one to a chip mark the size of a quarter, can be repaired. The chance of the windshield cracking after repair is only 1 in every 5000 windows. When you call an auto glass repair service for windshield repair, they will come out to your home, as long as they are a "mobile" repair service. An industry-specific resin is then injected into the crack. Next, the resin-injected rock mark is heated with ultraviolet light. This causes the resin to undergo a chemical change and blend in with the rest of the window. A window rock-mark repair shouldn't take more than a half hour from start to finish. Your car insurance should cover the cost of your repair. This is usually covered under your insurance policy's comprehensive portion. In many instances, the insurance company will waive the deductible, if the window has been repaired instead of replaced. This is another advantage of window repair over replacement. Most glass companies will communicate with your insurance company directly. Don't wait until it is too late. Call a mobile windshield repair service as soon as your windshield is damaged. If you wait, the window could crack further and compromise your personal safety.

If trees roots are pushing the foundation and cracking it causing water to flood everytime it rains does insurance cover it in New Jersey?

Call the claims department of your insurance company or your agent and ask!

What is a sentence for cracking?

I hope you have a cracking time.The glass began cracking under the weight.Stop cracking your knuckles.

Can you buy auto insurance for your husband car?

You have to be on the registration as well. Most insurance companies are cracking down on this because people are using other's with better driving records to save money-so they got wise

Is cracking your knuckles just cracking blood?


Is cracking your neck bad for you?

cracking your butt is bad

Is a cracked foundation covered under basic homeowners insurance or will your house be condemned?

Cracked FoundationA cracked foundation is rarely if ever a reason for a home to be condemned.AnswerI suggest you consult a structural engineer to assess your foundation. Under most circumstances there will not be any coverage available for a cracking or cracked foundation. An engineer can determine the cause and repairability and a contractor can determine the repair cost. You can always file a claim and see what your insurance company does. Is the home on a sinkhole? If it is there may be coverage in some states. Good luck!

Does cracking your back give you arthritis?

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When was Cracking India created?

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Catalysts used for cracking and hydro-cracking?

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