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No. Specific exclusions apply to faulty construction, workmanship, renovations, ect. //

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Q: Will homeowners insurance repair structural issues due to a poor builder?
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Does allstate homeowners insurance cover condensation leaking from AC ducting damage?

No, your homeowners insurance does not cover AC maintenance issues. however, depending on the type of policy you purchased, it may cover resulting structural damage after you have completed the necessary repairs to your AC system.

Will homeowners insurance cover a broken water hose in the refridgerator?

No. Your homeowners policy does not cover appliance maintenance issues or degradation due to normal wear and tear

Does homeowners insurance cover water damage to walls and floors if caused by woodpeckers?

Probably not. Homeowners usually do not pay for damage caused by pets, wear and tear nor common maintenance issues.

Can one buy insurance to cover the structural integrity of a used home?

The general theory or principle of homeowners insurance as it pertains to the structure itself is to repair or replace it to its pre-loss condition. It does not cover issues that are caused by deferred maintenance. Coverage for Structural integrity and quality of workmanship issues are generally addressed under the Buyers Home Warranty offered through the realtor at the time of purchase. However, there are limitations to what the warranty will cover; the one we purchased would not cover appliances for 60 days after purchase.

Are cellphones covered under homeowners insurance?

Cell phones are covered as are any other contents if damaged by a covered cause such as a fire. The problem is that all homeowners policies have deductibles. It is not adviseable to make small claims on homeowners policies. They are made for large issues such as a fire or other large claims.

Does homeowners insurance cover leveling?

Homeowners insurance generally does not provide coverage for settling. This is considered a natural and expected occurrence over time. However depending on the age and purchase date of your home. You may have coverage for such issues under your Home Buyers warranty that would have been purchased through your Realtor when you bought the house.

Does home insurance cover foundation problems?

Never, foundation always excluded from policy, to much of a risk for insurance companies to cover foundation.AnswerFoundations, even concrete ones do move and settle continually for the life of a structure. It's generally expected and normal and is not considered a structural problem for most. Coverage for Ground Movement is readily available in California and certain other markets where earthquakes are common. Although typically excluded elsewhere, the coverage can still be added by endorsement to a homeowners insurance policy in most parts of the U.S. by those companies who offer it.Coverage for foundation damage that is the result of poor construction is generally not covered. Build quality issues are addressed by the builder.

Can homeowners insurance cancel due to house needing painted?

Insurance companies can cancel you for a large variety of issues. These include debris, broken down cars, moss on the roof, need of paint, weeds, trees touching the house and others.

Does homeowners insurance cover rat damage?

Pest control is a maintenance issue and the responsibility of the home owner. Your homeowner's insurance policy does not cover maintenance issue. Every home owner knows that maintenance issues never stop. Sorry.

Does homeowner's insurance cover drainage pipes that are 50 years old and need to be replaced?

No, I'm afraid not. Homeowners insurance is for sudden unexpected losses that result from covered perils such as Fire, Wind, Hail, etc. Homeowners insurance never provides coverage for routine expected maintenance issues nor for upgrades.

Can homeowners cover hidden water damage behind a wall caused by leaking water from-neighbors bathroom?

It could, But just as with most insurance issues. It all depends on the type of coverage you purchased. The best source of information is your insurance company or your insurance agent to determine the scope of coverage you selected when you purchased your policy.

Does the second beneficiary gain ownership of home after the balance is paid by insurance?

Homeowners Insurance only covers potential losses to the home as detailed in the Home Insurance Policy. It does not confer inheritance rights or ownership in any way. Inheritance issues are addressed by other legal instruments such as a "Last Will and Testament" or by your local probate law promulgated by your state. You may wish to consult with an attorney experienced in probate or inheritance cases for clarification of issues related to inheritance.

Who is the insurance consumer advocate?

The Insurance Consumer Advocate is usually an appointee of a State Department of Insurance. He/she investigates and takes positions, on behalf of insurance consumers, on a variety of insurance issues. Frequently, the issues involve requested rate increases.

Does homeowners insurance cover structural damage caused by honey in the walls left by bees?

Im not sure how 'bee honey' itself could damage anything. Homeowner's policies typically excluded damage caused by insects. // NOTE ADDED: Bee hone decays once the bees are dead, and the process can cause rot as well as damage to drywall and other building materials. Leaving the honey in the walls can cause major issues.

What are the current issues in Nigerian insurance?

Stay away from foreign insurance. Find a reputable American insurance company.

Is a roof covered under homeowners insurance?

For damages from storms or weather related issues, sometimes from accidents such as your neighbor's tree limb crashing onto it, although it some cases it might be the neighbor's responsibility. However, a roof is not covered by homeowner's insurance if it is a matter of replacement or repair due to damage from normal "wear and tear".

Where can you seek help for medical insurance issues?

Call the Insurance Comissioner in the state that you live.

Does homeowners insurance cover damage from leaking skylight?

Generally an issue like this is not a covered loss on a homeowners insurance. The reason for this is that it is a maintenance issue that should have been fixed by the homeowner before damage occurred. Now if a storm occurred and a tree branch broke the skylight and then because of the storm rain came into the home. In the second case the cause was windstorm. Windstorm is a covered cause on a homeowners policy and therefore not only will the skylight be fixed but also the damage caused by the water coming into the home and whatever damage was caused by this. Most issues that are covered under a homeowners policy and ones that are "sudden and accidental". A lack of maintenance type of damage is usually something that happens over a period of time.

Can a homeowners insurance policy be cancelled if the homeowner is out of the country and the property left vacant?

Ye, reference the vacancy clause of your homeowners insurance policy. Most policies contain language that require you notify the insurer within a certain time frame of extended periods of vacancy. To avoid unexpected cancellation of coverage due to occupancy issues, be sure to properly list your occupancy type. Certain types of residences may be listed as, vacation homes, vacant property, temporary or seasonal homes.

Insurance company that issues SR22 in Texas?

I need SR22 Insurance for a prospective employer. I don't have a vehicle in my name but need this insurance.

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Do homeowners insurance cover roof blisters?

You home insurance will cover certain "sudden" losses resulting from the perils described in your policy. Typical sudden loss perils are fire, wind, hail, lightning etc. Your homeowners insurance policy does not provide coverage for poorly installed roofs nor for cosmetic or aesthetic conditions of your home nor from conditions that result from normal wear and tear. If your roof has developed blisters this could be a sign of age or of improper installation of the roofing materials and can be addressed by your roofing contractors General Liability policy. Most Contractors General Liability insurance policies provide coverage for the Roofers completed operations and quality of workmanship issues.

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What are the compliance issues for force placing homeowners insurance on a mortgage loan?

When you sign all the documents relating to mortgaging a home part of the contract has you agreeing to provide and maintain a physical damage policy on the property being mortgaged. When you let your insurance cancel or not provide a copy of said insurance to the mortgagee you are in violation of the contract. This gives the mortgagee the right to forclose on the home and/or force placing coverage on the home which only covers the mortgagee interest.