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Maybe, consult your agent or claims department and ask. Who did the work? If it was you most likely not. If it was a contractor, his insurance will cover you.

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What roofing terms begin with the letter c?

cupping - improper installation of shingles over existing shingles

What kind of flashing is used on a roof dormer?

Valley flashing, if the dormer is a hip or gable roof, step flashing under the shingles which abutt the dormer walls.

If you loose roof shingles will your homeowners policy cover the cost to replace?

A call to your insurance company describing why the shingles were lost will answer your question.

Is flashing under a dormer siding a requirement with replacement shingles on a house?

You have to have the flashing. You may be able to reuse what you have without removing the siding.

How do you prevent rain from entering at the top of the mast?

There is a plastic boot with a rubber piece that surrounds the pipe for this. If it's an existing installation you won't be able to do this unless you have utility power disconnected. However, you can get some flashing and tar and seal the leak by installing the flashing under the shingles with liberal amounts of tar, and sealing the upper part of the flashing to the mast with tar as well. If you don't know how to install flashing, a simple google search or talk with someone at home depot should get you started.

Will your homeowners policy cover replacement of wood shingles with cement fiberboard you live in a high fire area?

No. Homeowners insurance does not cover remodeling nor normal expected maintenance and risk mitigation of a home.

What materials are typically needed to install roofing?

The main thing you will need is the actual material you are placing on your roof such as shingles. You would also need flashing for around the chiminey, nails for the shingles, tar and tar paper.

Can you put new roofing shingles over old ones?

yes you can place new shingles over old shingles as long as the first layer of shingles are not will need 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 roofing nails..and 2 courses is the limit...follow same procedure as first roof installation

How much to install roofing shingles?

Real slate the average is $1,200 per Sq ft this includes the felt barrier and copper nails required with copper (14 Oz) flashing and counter flashing and pitch pockets around all roof penetrations

Will your homeowners policy cover the cost of a new roof The last owners had roof recovered in 1995 and the shingles are starting to curl up and look bad?

No, insurance will not cover a roof, but if you purchased the home with any kind of warranty you might be able to get some help there. If shingles go bad that fast it's probably because of improper air circulation in the attic. If the attic gets much hotter than the outside air it will cause the shingles to curl and loose their mineral surface. Next time the roof is replaced, make sure you have the roofer put in some attic vents to keep the temperature down.

Can you get internal shingles from the shingles shot?

You can't get internal shingles from the shingles vaccine.

I needed to repair my mom's roof shingles Please help me How do I go about it?

To mend the shingles you require some roof repair materials. They are - roofing cement, aluminum flashing and a flat pry bar. The width of the flashing should be 1 inch lesser than that of the damaged strip of the shingle, and the length should be 4 inches more than it. Take the required measurement of the shingle and cut the flashing accordingly. Then you have to loosen up the damaged strip and the adjacent strips on its both sides with the help of pry bar. Now apply some roofing cement below the shingle where the flashing has to be placed. Insert the flashing under the shingle and put some more cement above it. Finally, put some pressure on the shingle so that it gets attached to the flashing properly. Or better yet, contact a roofing contractor.

Have you done a roof replacement?

Other than leaks, you can sometimes see loose or missing shingles from the ground. To be certain about the condition of your roof, a roof check should be done by a professional roofer or house inspector. They will look for loose shingles, missing nails, detached flashing and other issues.

How much will it cost a new roof on a 4000 square feet house?

It depends on a lot of variables, tear off or layover, what type of materials chosen, pitch and height make a difference in labor costs. Material for a tear off including felt, shingles nails, vents, pipe flashing, usually cost me around $110-$150 per square (100 square feet roof area not house area), depending on shingles used. figure about 21/2 - 4 times that cost with professional installation.

Can you get shingles after getting the shingles vaccine?

You probably won't get shingles after getting the shingles vaccine.

When nailing down the shingles is it a problem if the roofing nails penetrate the roof deck?

Not as long as the nail heads are being coverd by the shingles. If they are not covered, they should be covered with roof pitch in areas other shingles cant cover or long life outdoor silicon calking.

Can you get shingles after having the vaccine?

You can get shingles even if vaccinated for shingles. It is rare, but it will lessen the effects of shingles if you do get it.

Can you get shingles from shingles if you have had shingles before?

No. Shingles is not contagious, but someone with shingles can give chicken pox or varicella to someone who has not had chicken pox before.

When can you get shingles vaccine after having shingles?

You probably do not need to take shingles shot after shingles. But then it is not contraindicated and you can take the same, any time after the attack of shingles.

Can you get chickenpox or shingles from someone with shingles?

You can get chickenpox, but not shingles, from someone with shingles. You can only get chickenpox from someone with shingles if you haven't had chickenpox or the vaccine before, and if you have direct contact with wet shingles blisters or sores.

Where can I get estimates to have the shingles replaced on my busted roof?

In the case of disaster like tornados and hurricanes you should start by calling your homeowners insurance provider. They should have all the info about roof replacement and cost.

Cheap Shingles are a Poor Choice?

Roofing material varies greatly in quality and price. Cheap shingles do not wear well and are a poor choice for such a vital component to a home's structure. When installed by the most skilled roofing professionals a cheaply constructed roof shingle is still sub-standard. Spending the money on better roof shingles saves the risk of leaks and damage from exposure to sun and climate. If damage occurs due to product fail, homeowners may find themselves out the money completely when they are forced to replace shingles that are not under warranty. Cheap shingles will not boast a great warranty.

What is shingles in Spanish?


Is felt paper necessary under shingles?

Yes. It does the following: -Protects during installation -Protects when moisture gets behind the shingles due to condensation, ice dams, wind driven rain, -Protects when shingles are damaged -Is required to meet building codes. A roofer that does not put down tar paper will likely make other mistakes also and should be avoided.

How can a baby get shingles from a person who has shingles?

A baby would get chickenpox and not shingles. Shingles is a reactivation of the virus that causes chickenpox.