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IF this person was driving with the permission of the "NAMED INSURED", listed on the declarations page, then they will likely be covered. It will depend on the policy language. HOWEVER, you need to check with your insurance company's claims department. There are rarely standard yes/no answers to coverage questions. Some things to consider: Age of driver Permission and how/when granted: For instance, let's say that this person resides in your household and are related to you. They are of age, but not licensed to drive. They did NOT ask permission to drive this vehicle for THIS specific event/time; however, in the past, you have given permission for this person to drive. The past events of giving permission CAN be construed to be 'implied permission.' I'm sorry, there are not usually easy answers to coverage questions. Even the scenario stated above is open to interpretation by the adjuster and, each question answered will likely generate more questions. Some portions of your policy you will want to review: Under DEFINITIONS: "insured" "relative" "household resident"... In Coverage Sections: "Who is Covered" or "Who is Insured" (each company can use slight variations in headings) then review how your collision coverage relates to these definitions. AGAIN, THERE ARE NO STANDARD, PAT ANSWERS TO COVERAGE QUESTIONS ON A POLICY. YOU WILL NEED TO SPEAK TO THE ADJUSTER ASSIGNED; THE ULTIMATE ANSWER COULD BE DEPENDENT ON A LOT OF ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.

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Q: Will insurance cover damage on a vehicle that was insured but driven by an unlicensed driver?
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What does the term 'insurance collision' mean?

Insurance collision is a form of automobile insurance that covers physical damage. In most situations the insurer pays for the insured injuries, damage to the vehicle of the insured, and if the insured is at fault it pays for the damage to the other vehicle, and the other driver.

What is a type of vehicle insurance that covers damage sustained by the insured's vehicle in an accident?


What is the type of vehicle insurance that covers damage sustained by the insured vehicle in an accident?

C. Comprehensive

If an unlicensed driver is in an accident with an insured car will the insurance company still cover the damage?

Most likely yes.. but your rates are going up, and the driver will be cited.

What does pd insurance stand for?

PD insurance stands for Property Damage. It is a portion of the liability insurance required by most states. This is the part of the policy that will pay for damage that the insured vehicle caused to another person's property, such as a vehicle or some other property.

Why should one get a commercial insurance for your vehicle?

One should get commercial vehicle insurance if they have a business with a fleet of cars, SUVs, trucks or vans. They can all be insured under one commercial vehicle insurance and be covered in case of accidents or damage.

Why doesn't your home insurance cover damage from a vehicle which is not insured under auto insurance?

That is not necessarily true. That is, if an uninsured vehicle runs into your house and causes damage to the house, your own homeowner's policy will generally pay for the repairs to the house. Naturally, payment will be subject to the terms, conditions and limitations of the policy. Further, the amount recoverable will be limited to the total amount payable under the homeowner's policy. If, instead, what you are asking is whether homeowner's insurance will cover damage to a vehicle, the answer is no. They are 2 different types of insurance covering 2 different kinds of risks. Premiums (the amount paid by the person insured) are determined by the nature of the risk(s) insured, the persons or entities insured, and the activities insured. Those factors differ between auto insurance and homeowner's insurance, so a total premium cannot be melded.

What is it called when one insurance company is repaid by another insurance company?

Subrogation, It's basically when an insured's insurance carrier pays for the damage done to their vehicle, even though it was the other parties fault. The insured's carrier will then go after the other parties carrier for reimbursement.

Does auto insurance cover damage to city property?

If the damage was caused by the negligent operation of an insured motor vehicle, and if the motor vehicle was covered by liability insurance, barring other factors, there should be coverage. That said, all claims are decided on their own facts and are subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

If an insured motorist hits an uninsured vehicle and the insured motorist claims it is their fault who will pay for the uninsured vehicle?

regardless of whom is insured or not, the 'negligent' or liable party is responsible for the damage or 'to make whole' the injured (this means damage to vehicle as well) party........ i think the insured should pay since it was there fault

Is an insured driver on your policy responsible for damages that they have not repaired on your vehicle?

== == In the event that you got into a car accident and it was not your fault but the other driver's, if he is insured, his insurance company is liable to pay for the damages of your vehicle. On the other hand, if the other driver is not insured, your own insurance company, provided you have a policy regarding uninsured or underinsured drivers, will be responsible for the damages your vehicle has incurred. They however, may have a right of action against the person responsible for the accident. The person who caused the damage to your vehicle is ultimately responsible for the damage to your vehicle regardless of whether there is an applicable insurance coverage or not. Whether you actually have the repairs done is none of their business.

If an uninsured driver with permission from an insured car's owner gets into an accident will insurance cover the other vehicle's damage?

Insurance follows the car, not the driver. So as long as the automobile is insured, so is the driver. Just make sure the driver has a valid driver's license.

If a hit and run vehicle knocks an insured moving vehicle into your liability-only parked vehicle whose insurance pays for damage to your car?

The "At Fault" party is responsible for your damage, regardless of who ran. The driver who ran from the scene is not necessarily the at fault party. The question is who caused the accident? That person is responsible for the damage. === === == It seems that you alone will have to pursue payment from the insured vehicle that hit you. If you had comprehensive coverage, your insurance company would have paid for your damages (or totaled your car, whichever is more prudent) and would have gone after the insured vehicle that hit you. As it stands now, you can try and work with the insurance company of the car that hit you or sue the driver for repair costs. Both are laborious processes. Do yourself a favor and buy comprehensive insurance, which isn't too expensive and, trust me, will come in handy one day.

What happens if you wreck a car that you dont insure?

If the vehicle has insurance it will cover damage to the other vehicle but not the one you are driving. Now if you have insurance on another vehicle your insurance will cover the damage to the vehicle that you where driving even though it is not on your policy.

If an uninsured driver has an accident in an insured car how can you sue the insurance for damages?

what damages? to the car? if the car is insured that insurer (assuming coverage is available) will handle that damage, if you mean you were injured driving an insured depends on a lot of things...more info regarding status of drivers, vehicle, fact of loss, etc.....and perhaps i can be of more assistance...

Can someone else insure your car even if they do not live at the same address?

You cannot insure something you do not own and the address has nothing to do with it. The insured on the insurance policy must also be the owner of the vehicle. An insurance application and policy make up a legal contract. The contract states that you must own the vehicle insured. Lets use your example where someone else insures your vehicle. If the vehicle is damage in an accident, the insurance company cannot pay damages to the person listed on the insurance policy because they don't own the car. The also cannot pay you because you don't have a contract with them for insurance.

Driver told that car is insured under owners policy Crashes it and it turns out there is no insurance for the vehicle. Drivers insurance pays for damage to 3rd party Who pays to repair the car?

It is always the at-fault party's responsibility to pay for the damage they cause in an accident. Insurance is a transfer of risk from the driver to the insurance company, but if the coverage (collison) does not exist on the car, then the driver will be responsible to pay out of pocket for the damage.

If a friend without a license hits someone in a parking lot while pulling your truck out of the way will your full coverage insurance pay for it?

Yes if you vehicle is insured in New Jersey, every state has different insurance laws, but to my knowledge the Eastern US states,MA, PA and New York, usually work in a similar way in that your insurance will pay for the other party that the unlicensed driver hit if you have insurance for the vehicle, it does not have to be full coverage, your liability portion on your policy will cover the damage to the other vehicle. In NJ, everyone who is insured must carry liability insurance, which covers the other vehicles involved. If you have collision coverage, once you meet your deductible, your damage will be covered for your vehicle in this case. This is an at fault accident, and most likely your rates will increase, especially in the State of New Jersey. Credentials of er: Previous New Jersey auto adjuster and currently recovery agent for 2nd largest insurance carrier in the U.S. Hope this answer helps.

Will insurance cover my car damage if I loaned my car to an unlicensed and uninsured driver?

My insurance canceled uninsured person hits someone in rear what happens to me

What Physical Damage is usually covered with Auto insurance?

Damage to both people and property are covered by auto insurance. Aside from protecting the insured against the claims of others (for bodily harm or property damage, for example), auto insurance typically helps pay for medical expenses needed by the insured or other person involved in the accident AND it covers costs leading to loss or damage of the automobile stated in the insurance.

Does homeowners insurance cover your child damaging the neighbors vehicle?

No, Your homeowners insurance does not cover vehicle damage. That's what auto insurance is for.

DOES auto insurance COVER you or your auto?

It depends upon the kind of insurance to which you are referring. Physical damage coverage (collision and comprehensive) covers physical damage to the vehicle insured according to the policy terms. Liability insurance protects you from claims by third parties who may have sustained damages as a result of your careless in operating an insured vehicle. The scope of damages can be either property damage or bodily injury damages. Personal Injury Protection insurance (often referred to as PIP or no-fault coverage) pays a portion of your own medical expenses and lost wages if you are injured in a collision. The insurance follows the vehicle, not the driver, so if you are a driver in another vehicle, that person's insurance is the primary insurance company unless their limits are too low and then the driver's insurance company would provide excess coverage.

Will insurance cover damage to a vehicle that was backed into a pole?

As long as you have collision yes insurance will cover the damage that was done.

If you back into something in your friends vehicle does your insurance policy pay the damage?

At least in the UK, and I belive in the states, it will depend on your insurance. Normally, if your insured to drive otehr vehicles on your policy, it will only pay to something you damage, not the vehoicle itself. Your best bet is to ring up the insureres and see.

Will liability insurance pay off your vehicle if it is totaled?

Your own liability insurance will never pay for the damage to your property or for your medical expenses. Your collision insurance pays for damage to your property, if it is your fault. Your Uninsured Motorist Insurance or Underinsured Motorist Insurance pays for damage to your property if caused by someone else who is uninsured or under-insured. Your liability insurance will pay for the damage to someone else's property or for someone else's medical expenses, if it is your fault. Someone else's liability insurance will pay for the damage to your property or for your medical expenses, if it is their fault.

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