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It won't harm the turtle - but the eggs should be removed from the water as soon as possible.

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What Do you Do When you Drop your Slider Phone In Water?

take the battery out and put both the phone and battery in a container of rice, it helps dry everything out

What happens if you drop water on the floor?

The floor becomes wet. The water gets evaporated after a while.

Why pour acid into water while stirring but never add water to acid?

Because when you drop water into acid the acid is too concentrated so it has to let out a reaction to drop the concentration.

Will the ears of a German Shepherd and Rottweiller mix stand?

It's unlikely. Most often when a prick eared dog is mixed with a drop eared dog the ears will not stand.

Is a drop of blood same size af a drop of water?

No it is not, a drop of blood is smaller than a drop of water but if you drop two drops of blood then that equals the right amount of water :)

What can happen to the iPod touch?

Many things could happen to the iPod Touch. If you drop a match on it while spilling gasoline on it, it would catch on fire. You could also drop it in water when carrying a water bucket with two hands and the iPod in your mouth and you accidentally drop it.

What is an example of the second law of thermodynamics?

A drop of ink in a glass of water. Drop it in. Count to three while the second law works its magic. Now take it out again.

How much H2O is in one drop of water?

The size of a drop of any liquid depends on how the drop is created, so it is not possible to say as a general rule that any particular amount of water is in a "drop of water." You first have to know the size of the drop of water.

Is a drop of water the same size as a drop of any other fluid?

No, a drop of water isn't even the same as another drop of water. They come in different sizes and aren't adequate for precision uses. For an amazing drop search "Pitch drop experiment".

What happens when you drop anything in water?

When you drop most things in water the object sinks and the water rises.

Do you have a solution to stop the drop in water pressure when using shower and flushing toilet?

Increase your main line pipe size. When you have a small pipe installed, and while you showering the toilet is flushed it has to distribute the amount of water running in the pipes, resulting in the drop in pressure. Once you have increased the pipe size, you'll notice that the extra volume of water will accommodate for the extra water needed to fill the cystern while showering, therefore fixing the problem with a drop in pressure.

What is the duration of The Last Drop of Water?

The duration of The Last Drop of Water is 1080.0 seconds.

Is drop a verb?

yes <><> Can be a verb- Drop the ball Can be a noun- A drop of water

What is the meaning of bindhu?

a drop of water or dew drop

Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink?

The correct quotation is 'Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink' from the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Cloeridge Taylor

How do you blanch chicken?

You drop the chicken into boiling water for a few seconds, and then drop it into freezing water.

What does the name d'juvan mean?

How can a drop of salt water once have been a drop of fresh water

What happen to a drop of water in the water cycle?

The drop of water goes through the water cycle. Evaporation, Condensation precipitation or sublimation deposition

What if you take a drop from casual water and the ball roles back into casual water?

If you drop it and it rolls back into the water, you take another free drop, if this rolls back into the water you place the ball where it touched the ground on the second drop. Remember, no nearer the hole.

What part of speech is drop?

Drop is both a noun and a verb. Noun: a drop of water Verb: Drop the gun!

What is the mass of 1 water drop?

This depends on the volume of this drop.

What was the meaning of the saying every drop counts?

Every Drop Counts means that even if u save a drop of water, you have saved water...For Example if you see a leaking tap, and the water is wasting drop by drop, so you say "Only small water drops are wasting" But NO slowly slowly a lot of water is wasted even by drops, so remember Every Drop Counts Hope this helped :D

Can turtles lay eggs at the age of 4?

Yes a pet slider turtle can begin to lay eggs at the age of four when she reaches maturity. If she does not have a place where she can bury her eggs she will old them inside of her until she can't anymore. She will then just drop them in the water in her tank.

Can you drop a 4X4 Chevrolet Colorado?

While it is possible with a spindle drop....Why would you want to drop a 4x4 truck?

Is atoms are about the size of a drop of water?

No. You can see a drop of water. Atoms are so small you can not see one.

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