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Yes, it will diminish the value to another collector, but if its sentimental value is greater than its monetary value to you, it makes no difference. It's your firearm, so do what you want with it.

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What part of speech is keepsake?

The word keepsake is a noun. It is something kept usually for sentimental reasons.

What does it mean when a guy keeps your scarf?

he hates the way it looks on you, or loves you, or just wants to keep for sentimental reasons!

Why are ceremonys important to people?

Usually for sentimental or traditional reasons. It makes them feel more secure in their beliefs and their place in society.

Why is diamond good for jewelry?

'Good' is a judgement and you are the judge. People invest in diamond jewellery for sentimental reasons and for financial reasons. Even when the sentiment is gone, potential financial value remains.

Why does Franklin return to Boston?

Ben Franklin returned to Boston because it was the birthplace of the Emancipation Proclamation. This was because of many sentimental reasons.

Why are dogs not used in scientific purposes?

There are probably both practical and sentimental reasons for this. Practicaly speaking, there are other animals that are anatomically closer to humans and less expensive to breed, like pigs (and mice, for earlier stages of research). For sentimental reasons, since dogs are such a common pet, there would probably be a public outcry if they were used for research where there was any potential for harm to them.

What Motown group recorded the song reason?

None - 'Reasons' was recorded by Earth, Wind and Fire. Unless you are speaking of "I Love You (For Sentimental Reasons)" by Marvin Gaye and Mary Wells. And also recorded by Supremes.

Why was dean Winchester in your dreams?

If Dean Winchester is appearing in your dreams it could be for a few reasons. You either have a crush on him or the show scared you and you thought Dean could save the day.

Value of prewar Winchester spring pellet gun?

Your question can not be answered for several reasons: You state that it's (Prewar) Which war? You did not state the model. Winchester has several models. You did not state the condition of the gun. In fact Winchester has never made a gun only rifles. Your question is too vague.

Why wont your Winchester shotgun not eject empty shells?

You need the services of a gunsmith. There are about a half dozen or so reasons if not more.

What is the purpose of Christmas card holders?

Christmas card holders can be used for a variety of reasons. They can be used to display cards that are sentimental or bring pride. The holders can also be used to protect the card.

Who voices Barney?

The original voice was done by Bob West. He retired in 2001 and now Dean Wendt does Barney's voice. For sentimental reasons, I liked Bob West's voice much better.

You are looking for som one change rhd to lhd?

Usually not worth the effort, it's a fairly demanding conversion. Apart from sentimental reasons, much better to sell the car and buy another one.

Why do people collect Chelsea FC fixtures?

Chelsea FC fixtures are collected for various reasons. They may have sentimental value to some, may be valuable or may just be something the individual likes personally.

1935 Edgar dell wild flowers of western Australia book is it worth any money and where can you sell it?

Not sure about the value however Edgar was my partners grandfather and we would be interestred in purchasing the book for sentimental reasons. What condition is it in ?.

Why do people live in a particular place?

There are thousands of reasons why people live in a particular place. Some of them include economic reasons; for example, they can't afford to move or they are making money in that spot. Some of the reasons are sentimental; for example, that person enjoys living close to his family and friends. For a deeper exploration of why some people move and others stay put, try reading Who's Your City? by Richard Florida.

What is the oldest commisioned war ship?

The USS Constitution was commissioned in 1797 and is still in active service and the HMS Victory was commissioned in 1778 by the Royal Navy and is in active service. These are kept active for sentimental reasons, but they are in active service in both Navies

How many grain of powder do you use in a 44 Winchester pistol?

We can't answer for a couple of reasons. Winchester does not make 44 pistols. Any load data is based on exact caliber (there is more than one 44 caliber) the bullet weight and type, and the type of powder used (there are dozens of different powders)

Why is it important to know your family tree?

It doesn't carry much practical value to know your family tree. People generally learn and look up their genealogy for entertainment and sentimental reasons. The level of importance to know your family tree is as high or low as YOU make it!

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