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Will low oil cause a 1993 eagle talon to turn off while driving?

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Undoubtably no, lol. I've ruined an engine by driving it when all the oil leaked out. Now, if it was completely out of oil and the engine seized, then yes your car will turn off, but you'd know if you seized the engine due to the nice grinding metal noise coming from under the hood and the car eventually freezing up and turning off. If it's just low oil, find out where it's going. Chances are there's a leak somewhere. I'd investigate your fuel line and it's components to determine if there's a pressure issue causing the car to shut off.

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Your 95 eagle talon tsi died on the freeway while you were operating it but your battery was fine and headlights stayed on any ideas?

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Why would the radiator battery and brake indicator light come on and off while driving in a 1995 eagle talon tsi?

This usually is associated with a failing alternator. Mine is currently doing it also. Use a voltage checker to see if the car is under/over-charging.

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