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mick foley cant wresil any more he got a problem in his leg and the doctars told him he cant he dose not evane wresil in tna :(

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Q: Will mick foley return to WWE?
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Is Mick Foley coming back to the WWE?

yes mick foley is coming back to wwe . he is coming back on 11-14-11 :)

Who is the rock's friends in the WWE?

mick foley

How do you get mick foley on WWE 12?

He Is Dlc

Are there any wrestling rumours around Mick Foley?

There are a number of rumors surrounding Mick Foley at the present. The biggest is that he may return to wrestling in the WWE. Like any rumor, it is difficult to prove, and he is denying for the moment.

Will mick foley return?


What is man kinds real name from WWE?

He is Mick Foley...

What WWE superstar is born on the 7th of june?

Mick Foley

Is mick foley inducted in the WWE hall of fame?


Who wrestled first Mick Foley or Roddy Rowdy Piper?

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper because he was in WWE way before Mick Foley.

Why mick foley isn't in WWE?

Because Edge beat him up.

What relationship do the WWE superstars mankind and mick foley have?

their the same wrestler stupid

Will mick foley come back to WWE?

Never. he is a TNA fighter now.