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The Game Cube console does not play the older Nintendo cartrides. You can hook a Nintendo game boy to the console and play game boy games.


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No... a N64 is a whole different game setup. The games are "Cartridges." Nintendo Gamecube games work on the Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo Gameboy games work on the Nintendo DS. ~Hope that helps :)

No as the game cube was made years before so Nintendo didn't make it so it would works also game cube is disk only and it would be impossible to get a ds cartridge to play on a game cube

No. Any game cartridges/disks that are made for a Nintendo console won't work on any other company's consoles. However, some Nintendo game cartridges/disks can work on multiple Nintendo consoles. Gamecube disks can be played on the Wii, Gameboy games can be played on the Gameboy Advance, and Gameboy Advance games can be played on the Nintendo Ds.

Yes, since Nintendo DS games are not region locked, it can play a DS game from any region.

No the game cartridges are different shapes. Nor does the N64 OS support SNes games.

No, Super Nintendo games are not compatible with Nintendo 64 hardware. The cartridges are different sizes.

The answer is no the gamecube controller will not work on the nintendo 64 it only works for the gamecube and the newer wii system.

No. 1. The Game Boy is made by Nintendo, the PSP by Sony. 2. The PSP uses small compact discs. The Game Boy line uses cartridges.

No. unfortunately the N64's cartridge slot is much smaller than the SNES cartridges are.

You can only play wii games, and game cube games on a wii, unless you have the wii shop channel or the hombrew channel, then you can play others like nes, snes, Nintendo 64, Nintendo ds, ect.

Regular DS games are not region locked. A DS game cartridge from the US will work fine on a UK DS system.

No. The cartridges do not fit.

Yes most Nintendo DS games from the US will work on European Nintendo DS systems. However if the game is a DSI enhanced game then it will not work.

All Nintendo DS are region-free, there is no regional lockout. Any Nintendo DS game will work with any Nintendo DS, and any Nintendo DS game is compatible for multiplayer with another Nintendo DS game, of a different country of origin. I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!

Of corse it will The DSI is an upgraded version of the Original DS it will work.

No a DS game is software designed to work on the Nintendo DS and a PS2 can not run the software with different hardware than a Nintendo ds

Yes, Nintendo DS games work on the XL.

It will work but it won't be HD.

It will work, but Nintendo says there will not be any special features specifically for the 3DS.

The Simpsons Game will only work on the platform it was designed for. The game has been released in versions for the Nintendo Wii, PS2, PSP, Xbox 360, & Nintendo DS

No, Duck Hunt was only made for NES. There is not any way to get the Nintendo classic games to work in the Super Nintendo.

Game cube does. I don't know about Gameboy...

No Nintendo DS games work on Nintendo DS game consoles and maybe some other Nintendo and not on any of the Xbox or PlayStation game consoles regardless of the country or region.

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