Polar Bears

Will polar bears really eat humans alive?

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What are the polar bears predotors?

humans are polar bears

Does polar bears becoming extinct effect humans?

Not really, but what happens to make the polar bears extinct will affet humans. For the polar bears to become extinct, all the ice will melt and go in oceans and seas which will lead to floods.

Do humans eat polar bears or cats?

polar bears

Are polar bears scared of humans?

No, in fact, polar bears actively hunt and kill humans for food.

What is the number of polar bears?

There are around 25000 polar bears alive today.

Are polar bears smarter than humans?

Polar Bears are very smart but they are not as advanced as monkeys. Polar Bears also do not have apposible thumbs which keep them from doing many things. Polar Bears are not as smart as humans

How have humans impacted the polar bears?

they impact polar bears by using fossil fuels, killing polar bears and getting their fur, and cutting down trees. this all leads to carbon dioxide which leads to global warming, which melts the ice and drowns polar bears.Humans have a big impact on polar bears. Humans kill polar bears and harvest their food which decreases the amount of food polar bears have.

Should humans feed polar bears?

No. Polar bears will eat a human.

Are polar and panda bears really bears?

Polar bears and pandas are actually bears.

How many polar bears are alive in Antarctica?

None. Polar bears live in the Arctic.

Are polar bears likkle?

If you mean, are polar bears small then no; there not really.=Polar bears can get really qiute large! Even the baby's are rather big.=

What are the polar bear's enemies?

People, Killer whales, Walreses, and other polar bearsA polar bear's enemies are humans and other polar bears. But a polar bear's worst enemy is a killer whale.Polar bears enemy is mostly human and other polar bears!Climate change/global warming and the melting ice sheet, starvation, humans, summer in the arctic (since this is a time where they are not going to be eating much), dehydration, etc.HumansHumansthe ememies of polar bears are, Male polar bears, black & white killer whales, arctic foxes, global warming and humans

The enemies for polar bears?


Are polar bears like humans?


By what are polar bears hunted?


How can humans kill polar bears?

Humans kill polar bears by shooting them down with rifles, like they kill any animals with.

Are polar bears really bears?

Indeed they are.

What are polar bears competitors?

polar bears have no competitors except humans as they are usually found in artic regions.

Who eats polar bears?

people eat polar bearsHumans do so.Polar bears are top of their food chain. VERY rarely a pack of wolves may attack themAnswer:Polar Bears (Ursus maritimus, the "sea bear") are the top predator in their ecosystem. Larger male polar bears eat polar bear cubs. Humans hunt and kill the adults. Aside: In case the question was really after what animals did polar bears descend from (predaters), scientists believe that evolved about 200,000 years ago from brown bear ancestors.Humans, killer whales (orcas), and other polar bears are the only known Earth animals that prey upon polar bears.No animal does.No animal does.

Do humans hunt polar bears?


What animals that will hunt humans?

polar bears

Have polar bears killed humans?


Are polar bears friendly with humans?

No they are not and should never be regarded as such. They are dangerous animals, just like grizzly bears and black bears are dangerous to humans. And yes, there have been reports and stories of polar bears attacking and even eating humans.

Do polar bears kill humans?

Yes. There are numerous reported cases and stories of polar bears killing humans, from those that are indigenous to the area to those that are not.

What is the most dangerous bear alive?

polar bearsGrizzily bearsBlackbears