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it will not hurt your vehicle but it is illegal, and if vehicle is due for emissions inspection it will not pass.

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Can you drive without a catalytic converter?

Yes, but a modern vehicle will not run properly and it is illegal to remove the converter.

Can you run without a catalytic converter?

Can? Yes. Should you? No. It is illegal to drive a car that came equipped with a catalytic converter without one. There is no benefit to removing a converter from a modern car.

Can a vehicle function without a catalytic converter?

Yes, but it would not be legal to drive.

Can you sell a vehicle that has the catalytic converter missing?

Yes, but you must tell the potential buyer that it is missing. That it may be illegal to drive the vehicle without it.

Can you drive with a broken catalytic converter?

A catalyticÊconverter does not have an effect on a vehicles abilityÊto be driven. A catalytic converter just reduces the green house emissions of the vehicle, so if it is broken the vehicle will just release more emissions.ÊÊ

Removing torque converter What is the easiest remove transmission or engine?

That depends on the type of vehical, front wheel drive or rear wheel drive. Rear wheel drive vehical: Removing the transmission is the best way to go. there is less to un-hook from the trans then the motor. Also during reassembly the torque converter has to be placed on the trans and turned twice, you will feel it click into place (go on further) it must be seated before reassembly. Front wheel drive: Sorry i have no experience with front wheel drive.

What is the drive cycle for a catalytic converter?

there is no drive cycle for a catalytic converter it could be plugged up....

Should you drive with a bad catalac converter?

No, have the converter replaced.

How can you tell if a 1996 Jimmy is a four wheel drive?

Look under the front of the vehicle. If you see a differential it is 4wd, if not it is 2wd.

Can you drive with flashing engine management light?

If you continue to drive a vehicle with the check engine light flashing you will do catastrophic damage to the catalytic converter(s). This can lead to big bucks for repairs.

Can you drive your car if something is wrong with muffler or converter?

Depends on what is wrong. Hole in the muffler or converter then NO, do not drive this vehicle as there is a danger of carbon monoxide entering the cabin and causing you to go to sleep and have an accident. It has no smell, or taste so you will not know it is present.Clogged converter is also a no, no. This will cause engine damage. Bottom line is get it repaired whatever the problem.

Your car acts like it is missing and has no power when in drive could it be the catalytic converter?

highly unlikely, but to check for sure, drive the vehicle for about 15 to 20 min, put it in park and let it keep running, get down and look at the cat converter, if it is glowing red, it needs to be replaced

Can you drive a 1996 Dodge truck without a catalytic converter?

Yes.You candrive any vehicle without one, allthough it is illegal in some states.

Can your car work without a catalytic converter?

Yes, the engine will run albeit not as it should, but you are also polluting the atmosphere and you will be driving an illegal vehicle you cannot sell in this condition. I highly recommend you not drive your car without a converter installed.

Can you bypass a catalytic converter on a Ford Focus?

You can remove it and put a pipe there, or you can remove the exhaust pipe and drive a piece of pipe through it if it's clogged up, but beware of the EPA laws. The check engine light will stay on if you remove the converter and the vehicle will not run correctly. It is illegal to remove a catalytic converter.

Does a missing catalytic converter effect the idle?

Yes, and it is illegal to drive a car with the converter removed.

Will it hurt to drive with a bad catalytic converter?

Yes, you can do serious damage to the engine if the converter is clogged.

Why does your catalytic converter get cherry red?

It is glowing red because it is plugged up and the metal is getting hot. It is a serious fire hazard, don't drive the vehicle until you have it replaced.

Why does a vehicle with automatic transmission use a light drive plate instead of a flywheel?

The fluid filled torque converter acts as a heavy flywheel when bolted to the thin flex plate.

What would cause vehicle to surge while the AC is on 1998 Mercury Villager?

my guess would be a catalytic converter going bad. you can remove the front oxygen sensor and drive it. if the problem goes away then it is probably the catalytic converter. nth njth ///////???????????????????kldghavnivaetahdsngahe

Can you drive a car without a catalytic converter?

Yes, a car can be driven without a catalytic converter. However, it is illegal to drive a car without them because of emissions.

Can you tell me where to locate the sensors for a 1999 GMC Jimmy V-6 engine and rear wheel drive?

There are many sensors on the vehicle. Which ones are you looking for?

Why do your manifoldpipes glow red and why cant you drive your 4wheel drive over 45MPH it starts good as soon as you put it in reverse or drive it looses power?

I would guess that your catalytic converter is plugged or your oxygen sensor isn't working giving you too lean of a mixture. A shop owner once told me he checked for a plugged catalytic converter by removing the oxygen sensor and driving it AA short distance to see if power was restored.

What if you drive without a catalytic converter?

If you drive your car without a catalytic converter, you can be pulled over and given a ticket. You cannot drive your car with a lot of noise, it's considered a violation of the noise ordinance.

What causes a flashing check on a 2005 odyssey?

When the check engine light is flashing and you continue to drive the vehicle you can do catastrophic damage to the catalytic converter. Stop the car, have it towed to a trusted garage for repair. The more you drive it, the more it will cost to repair.