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Will rock band for ps2 work in a ps3?


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December 13, 2011 6:01PM

Its practically the same deal with guitar hero, so yes, it will work.

It really depends on the version of the ps3 that you have. If you have the very first version then yes because that was made with the fantasy drive put in to it. the fantasy drive is what the ps2 uses to read games. the first version was the 20 gig (gigabyte) ps3. all the other ps3's with more gigs were made without the fantasy drive so they wont read a ps2 disc. so if you have a 20 gig ps3 then yes it will. If you have a newer version of the ps3 which has more gigs then your out of luck cuz it wont read ps2 disc.

Actually is is called the emotion engine and was in the 20 GB and 60 GB USA models and an a partially software based emulation system was used in the European models and the USA early 80 GB models. If your PS3 does not have 4 USB ports it will not play PS2 software