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Q: Will rogers be getting the lg voyager?
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Will Telus be getting the LG Voyager?


What is the lg voyager called in the UK?

the lg voyager

When was LG Voyager created?

LG Voyager was created in 2007.

How much does the lg voyager cost?

The lg voyager costs $170

Which is better if you like to text the lg dare or the lg voyager?


When was the LG Voyager launched?

The LG Voyager became available on November 21, 2007.

Is the LG Voyager Mobile available in the UK?

The LG Voyager mobile phone is not available in the UK. LG Voyager mobile is a CDMA phone, which does not work outside the US.

Lg voyager titanium problems?

The LG Voyager doesnt have any problems. its a great phone:)

Can you text on touch screen with the lg voyager?

With an LG Voyager, you can text by using the touch screen.

Are you on the lg voyager side or the lg env2 side?


What is the better phone Lg Dare Lg Voyager or Samsung Glyde?

LG DARE by far

What is the camera resolution on the LG Voyager?

LG Voyager is an Internet-enabled phone designed by LG Electronics. The phone has an external touchscreen and the resolution of the camera is 2.0 megapixel.

Can you use LG voyager with ATT?

No, you cannot use the LG Voyager because AT&T uses sim cards and Verizon does. You might be able to use the LG Voyager for Sprint since they do not use sim cards either.

Will there be an lg voyager 2?

It is not really called the voyager2. But there is a successor of the Voyager and it is called the LG EnV Touch. It comes out on June 5th.

Can you play RuneScape on lg voyager?

No, you cannot.

Does lg voyager have an mp3 player?


Is the lg voyager a smartphone?

No it has an LG proprietary OS, see the link below for its specifications

What is the lg voyager made out of?

The lg voyager from Verizon wireless is half i phone and half env. so they should call it the ivy . i phone , env. i had the voyager i regret it i now have the env2 in maroon

When does the LG voyager come to Verizon Wireless?

It already has.

How can you put charms on the LG voyager phone?

No, you cannot (:

How do you put a password on the lg voyager?

u cant

Which phone is similar to Apple iPhone?

The LG Voyager

Do you have to have internet with the lg voyager?

i dont think so

Do the LG Voyager's cases fit on the Titanium Voyager?

Yes. It is the same phone, different color.

Where can you buy the lg gw620?

You can buy the LG GW620 Eve at Rogers Wireless. Rogers is in Canada, so you could order it online.