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Yes. If you scald him or flush him down the drain.

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โˆ™ 2005-09-02 19:57:25
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Q: Will running the hot water kill a spider in the bathtub?
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Does Spider-Man kill Ikuto?

yes ikuto has water power but spider man killed by .... webbing him.

Can a spider kill a bear?

Yes. A spider can kill a bear.

How does spider kill cockroach?

yes.. a spider can actually kill a cockroach..

Can a spider kill you?

A poisonous spider can.

How do you kill small slugs in the bathtub?

step on them

What does a spider hunting wasp do with a spider?

kill it

Can a spider kill a snake?

yes, as long as the spider can release its venom in time to kill it.

How do you kill small slugs in bathtub?

Open the taps.

How do you kill marijuana plants?

Bleach. Mr. clean. Salt water. Spider mites. FIRE.

Black spider yellow lines on the back will it kill you?

no spider can kill you What?! There are many spiders that CAN kill you! By the way, no, it most likely won't.

Can a spider bite kill you instantly?

No. There is no spider bite that will literally kill you instantly. Some could kill you in a few hours, but not instantly.

Can a spider kill a fish in an empty tank?

It is obvious, because a fish cannot live without water and will die. Then, the spider can get in the empty tank and bite the fish.

What can kill a spider?

you can can spray a spider with bug spray ar you can hit the spider with shoe.

How long does it take spider spray to kill a spider?


Can spider kill people?

some can.The brazilian wandering spider is the most venous spider in the world.Other spiders that can kill people are black widows and red backs.But tarantulas can not kill people.

How do you kill a camel spider in the wild?

Kill it with fire

Is there a spider that can kill you?

There are many.

How does Harry's dad die in Spider man?

Sand Man is about to kill him then his partner comes running and sand man kills Harry's dad by accident.

What if you dream about a spider running away while trying to kill it?

it means there is a memory inside your head you are trying to forget but you are telling yourself it is better to remember

How long does it take for a spider bite to kill you?

it depends on what spider bites you!

What happens to you if you kill a spider?

Nothing. The spider is dead and you... go about your day.

Is it possible for a fly to kill a spider?

Yes if the spider is already dying.

What does 7 pounds signify in the movie?

If you kill your wife, you will die in your bathtub

Can jumping spiders kill black widows?

No a jumping spider can kill a black widow. A jumping spider killed our huge black widow that killed another spider.

Will Sevin Insecticide kill spider mites?

Yes, the Sevin insecticide can kill spider mites. Spider mites are considered to be pests and this product has proven effective in killing them.