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Will sakura get over Sasuke?


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in shippuden (or naruto volume 34) Sakura dose get over the crush feeling for Sasuke, although she still cares deeply for him. deep enough to bring him back home. only sometimes she has the love feeling for him.

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i doubt sakura will get over sasuke or even did. and in the episode where they find sasuke sakura wasnt trying to kill him cuz that would hurt naruto. but if anyone notice throughout the eipsodes endings and w/e sakura shows small hints of her feelings for sasuke and i don't think she would show it in front of naruto becuz naruto would get hurt. i doubt she loves naruto becuz they would have allready gone out and i think naruto stop loving sakura after the lasttime she turned him down becuz now u don't see him trying to do anything anymore instead he's just a friend to her. so i say sakura still have feeling for sasuke more then so for naruto and allso i belive naruto gave up.