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No, it will freeze slower.

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Q: Will soapy water freeze faster than fresh water?
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Related questions

Which freeze faster fresh water or salt water?

Fresh water.

Does soapy water freeze faster in the freezer than tap water?

It will freeze slower.. but not by a lot. When there are things such as ions / molecules dissolved in water, that mixture of water / substances will have a lower freezing point. Soap, because it is a nonpolar molecule will not SUBSTANTIALLY reduce the freezing point, but it WILL reduce the freezing point by a tiny bit. Because of this reduction in freezing pt, it will take slightly longer for it to freeze So yeah, soapy water will not necessarily freeze faster than tap water.

Will tap water freeze faster than salt water?

Fresh water freezes faster than salt water, yes.

Will water that has been boiled then cooled freeze faster then fresh water from a tap?

Boiled water at room temperature should freeze faster because the oxygen that was in the water has been removed. It should also freeze clearer.

Does salt last longer in fresh water and soapy water?

soapy water

Does fresh water freeze faster than salt water?

The addition of the impurity salt to water depresses the freezing point of the liquid. Thus, fresh water will freeze sooner than salt water.

Dose milk freeze faster than fresh water?

yes milk freeezes faster

Does salt water freeze faster or slower than fresh water?

Salt water is slower.

Why does fresh water freeze faster then salt water?

because it doesn't have any hing in it.

Why does sea water freezes faster than fresh water?

sea water doesnt freeze faster than fresh water, fresh water freezes faster than sea water as it has a lower freezing point than sea water has as sea water contains salt which makes the boiling/freezing points increase therefore making the sea water freeze at a lower temperature.

Dose coke freeze faster than fresh water?

Water will freeze faster than Coke because Coke has more gas than water and gas takes more time to freeze than plain liquid

Why does fresh water freeze faster?

The presence of salt lowers the freezing temperature

What water freeze faster salt water your fresh water?

fresh water freezed faster than salt containing water due to less impurities and strong hydrogen bonding exists in purified water SADE-RRK

Does tea or juice or fresh water or salt water freeze faster?

Fresh water is probably the likely candidate. If you add salt to a liquid, its freezing point lowers. Meaning, it would need a lower temperature for it to freeze.

Does soapy water evaporate faster than normal water?


Does water that is denser than normal like salt water freeze faster?

On the contrary, it takes longer for salt water to freeze - it freezes at a lower temperature than fresh water does.

Why does milk freeze faster than fresh water?

Good question ill test it and find out.

Does skim milk freeze faster that water?

water freeze faster

Does a cup of salt water freeze faster than a cup of fresh water?

James wants to find out whether a cup of salt water or a cup of fresh water will freeze more quickly. What is the best way for him to determine this

What freeze faster salt water or water?

Water will freeze faster than salt water.

Does salt water or plain water freeze faster?

Pure water freeze faster.

Which will freeze faster water or soda?

water will freeze faster do to the sugars andcarbohydratesin soda

What would freeze faster salt water sugar water or plain water?

The pure water freeze faster.

Why does salt water melt faster than fresh water?

The salt is sea water accelerates the thawing process because it lowers the freeze point of the water.

Why dos water freeze faster than vinegar?

Does water freeze faster than vinegar?