Will soda make you fat or give you cancer?


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Yes it definitely make you get cancer and fat. Or FATTER.


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the fat cats salivate over the money they make and their greedy saliva is used in soda to make you fat.

no but it will give you lung diseases, possibly cancer, brain damage, etc.

It makes you high and gain fat.

soda, candy, sugar, oil, butter popcorn, hamburger

Diet soda has no fat. Fat content is never found in any soda. This is unless otherwise specified.

To decrease your chances of getting cancer, you should not drink soda or high fat diets. Stick to a high fiber diet with plenty of vegetables and fruits.

give it food with lots and lots and lots of fat in it

fat can make you look fat, lower your flexibility, give you diseases, makes you smell and socially repulsive.

Give it high fat foods, smother its food in butter and fat, and feed it a lot.

Soda pop tastes good, and can provide energy, but it may tend to make people fatter because its sugar is used by the body instead of fat (and starch that is later stored as fat).

Yes. Diet soda has less sugar than regular soda, but diet soda still makes people gain weight. I heard that the calories in soda (empty calories also found in potatoes chips and other junk foods) are not burned by the body, but are stored as fat. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Actually diet soda can not make people gain weight due to the fact that there is no fat, calories, sugars, etc in it. Except maybe the ingredients in diet soda could maybe be fating but other wise diet soda in the long run can not make people gain weight. Although sugar coke is high in sugars and calories.

fat content is none but it still makes you CHUBBY

Drink diet soda instead. Although it still isn't the healthiest option, it will make the number of calories that you are consuming be much less.

Because scientists were trying to find a way to make children in Africa gain weight. However, soda contains bad fat, not good fat. Not succeeded, it was introduced to the old world, and it became the successful drink we know today.

No, it decreases leg fat. It might make legs more muscular.

Yes, if it contains sugar. Sugar is one of the causes of excess body fat. Therefore, in my own opinion, soda could contribute to belly fat.

What "unhealthy" choices does to you is make you unhealthy, sometimes you may receive cancer and you can get lots of fat. ;p

All people, regardless of weight, can get cancer.

feed them hay; if you give them carrots it will make them fat

Butter is the fat in the recipe. Fat is typically there for taste. You can substitute pretty much any fat, and I've seen old cooks use bacon grease. Baking soda is a fast leavening agent. So is baking powder (essentially the same thing just activated differently) and so are egg whites. I've seen numerous recipes that do not call for soda or powder and use egg whites or meringue.In short, yes, you can make pancakes without butter or baking soda.

high saturated fat intake raises the risk for prostate cancer

Soda is not "good" for you because it is not very healthy and has alot of fat in it . The sugar is the worst part that makes soda "unhealthy"

YES! All men can get breast cancer.

Cancer is basically cancer cells, the cells eat up all the fat coming from the food and doesn't let any of the power from the fat escape to power the other organs and cells that work on fat power.

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