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Will students that seek answers on Penn Foster exams considered to be cheating and will they be dismissed from the school?


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The best bet is to just learn your material. I have seen people asking for answers for everything from child care to psychology. I am sure most people would not want someone who had to cheat on their test to watch their child or provide their health care. Keep in mind that you will feel better about your score if you know that it was all your work!

According to a councilor from Penn Foster, they will dismiss any student that is found cheating. They also advised that they have teams keeping an eye out for Penn Foster cheat sites, and are looking at taking legal action against them.


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WikiAnswers does not provide answers to a school quiz or test. It is considered cheating.

No, a purpose of homework is to help students learn the lessons. Not only is looking up the answers for homework not cheating, it is what you should do when you do not know the answer. Math homework is an exception to this. It is okay when doing math homework to look up how to do problems or to ask someone for a example, but it is not okay to simply look up the answers to specific problems, which definitely would be cheating. does not supply test/textbook answers. This is considered cheating. Repeat offeneders may have their accounts banned.

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There's a fine distinction. Looking up answers in the back of the book is generally considered taking the easy way out. Looking up answers in a reference book (or a website) is considered acceptable to all but the most hardcore enthusiasts.Another AnswerDoing crossword puzzles is another form of Solitaire. The individual playing determines what's fair and what's not, for themselves. If you're "cheating", you're cheating yourself.

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This website won't do your homework for you.Around here, that's considered cheating.

It is cheating if you are being tested on your ownknowledge of a subject.

It depends on your definition of 'cheating.' If you think of cheating as getting all the answers, then yes. If you think of cheating as in using a hacking device, then no.

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A teacher's edition of a textbook has general lesson plans, suggestions for expanding the lessons, and answers to questions for the lessons. Students sometimes attempt to get a copy of the teacher's edition in order to get the answers. That, in most teacher's views, is cheating. It's best to do the work and learn the material. In the end, cheating really only cheats one person: the one who cheats.

*If you are from Mrs. McQueen's Language Arts Class, you may not use these answers and is considered cheating. For the rest of you:Read the book. The end.

If your always talkin to im on the phone , always with him, or if when u ask him a question about cheating, if he answers straight up with no hesitation then hes not cheating

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If your classmate is cheating you can:protect your own test answerstell your teachertell the principaldo nothingask the person if you can study with him / her (but don't bring up the cheating)

Ummm, if you're on trying to find answers to your schoolwork, that's cheating!

Getting answers is cheating and Wiki will not help you cheat. Time to get to work.

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