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No It Will only be there for ps3 and xbox 360.BY Janaury on ps3 and xbox there will be sheamus and the new players too.

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How do you get on superstar threads in svr 2011 for ps2?

how do you get on superstar threads in svr 2011 for ps2. you can't get superstar threads for the ps2 or the wii.

Is svr 2010 superstar threads for ps2?

no there isn't it really sucks

Does svr 2011 has superstar threads on ps2?

no svr 2011 doesn't have superstar threads for the ps2 or wii.

Will svr 2011 on ps2 have attires edit?

NO,Superstar Threads is only for Ps3 and Xbox 360

Svr 2010 is superstar threads for ps2?

yes. i have it it has it. you got to hack into the game and put superstar threads in the game

Can you edit attires in svr 2010 on ps2?

No they only have edit attires for created wrestlers on ps2. edit attires are only on ps3 and xbox 360 as i know it.

How do you get superstar threads on svr 2011 on ps2?

im sorry to say this but you don't get superstar threads on the ps2.

How do you get to superstar threads on smackdown vs raw 2010 for playstation 2?

The PS2 Version Of SVR 2010 Doesn't Have The Superstar Threads. It's Only On PS3 And 360.

Is there superstar threads on svr 2011?

no ps2 doesn't have superstar threads. i wish it did but it doesn't.

How do you unlock superstar threads on svr 2010 for ps2?

You can't it's only available on x box 360 and ps3

Do svr 2010 have superstar threads on xbox?

Yes the xbox does have it but not the ps2 or the wii only the xbox 360 and maybe the ps3.

Does svr 2010 have superstar threads on psp?

No. Wwe smackdown vs raw ps2 version doesn't have superstars threads. but ps3 does

Is Svr 2011 match creation for PS2?

Yeah it should be and they also might put superstar threads for ps2

Can you edit superstars on SvR 2011?

Yea, all u gotta do is go 2 Create Mode then Create A superstar then go to Edit Superstar then pick your superstar you wanna do. Then keep going to edit. and their you go!!

Is there a way to make hornswoggle a playable superstar on SvR 2010?

Yes because I've seen him playable on youtube on the PS3 or PS2, but i don't know how to do it.

Svr 2010 is superstar treads avable for ps2?

the person who is now in wwe except the new comers like sheamus,escobar and many more

How do you get Evan Bourne on svr 09 on ps2?

You can get Evan bourne only in svr 2010 and svr 2011

How do you customize a superstar on WWE svr 10 ps2?

At the Main Menu go to Create Mode and then Create a superstar then start creating.

Svr 2010 ps2 there will be story designer?

yes their ihav it on ps3 and ps2

Does WWE svr 2010 work on any kind of ps2 system?

Yes if you purchased the PS2 game it will work on any PS2. The SVR 2010 is also made for many other consoles and only the PS2 game will work on the PS2

When did svr 2010 come out for ps2?

It came out august 3 2010

Can you edit superstars on svr 2010 for ps2?

Yes you can i got the game on PlayStation 2 3 and xbox 360 also Nintendo ds and wii.

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