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Possibly. Depends on the money. WWF is all about theater and drama. Oh, and paydays as well. If it can be hyped and sold, yes.

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Q: Will the Brothers of Destruction reunite?
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Will The Undertaker and Kane ever reunite to form the Brothers of Destruction again?

Kane and undertaker had a lot in common as the brothers of destruction but who knows what shall happen next.They are a perfect tag team and together will be unstopable

What is the song name of brothers of destruction?

brothers of destruction

Are the brothers of destruction family or friends?

they are half brothers

What is a senetnce for reunite?

After many years of turmoil the lovers will reunite at sunset this upcoming Valentine's Day. Why would you want to reunite with THAT family member? Everyone feared the storm sure to come when the brothers would reunite. Won't it be wonderful when they finally reunite? After pusuing solo careers, the three original members of the rock band decided to reunite for one last world tour.

Jake and Elwood want to reunite their band in The Blues Brothers because they are?

On a mission from God"

What was Kane and Undertaker name when they wore brothers?

Brothers of Destruction

Who is better DX or Brothers of Destruction?


Is undertaker and Kane called brothers of destruction?


Are brothers of destruction better than Hardy boys?

The brothers are way better than Hardy's!

Are WWE wrestlers related?

The Hardy Boyz are real Brothers and the Brothers of destruction are half Brother

Is undertaker an Kane brothers?

No, that was just a WWE storyline, there not really brothers. But in the WWE storyline, there called "the brothers of destruction". BE MIZ - BE AWSOME

Who is the scariest WWE superstar?

The Undertaker and Kane Brothers of Destruction