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Will the D-generationX ever come back again?

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βˆ™ 2011-09-13 18:11:33

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watch Monday night RAW, Triple H and Shawn michels has reformed D-generation x!

If you watch raw you will see DX has reformed and are really anoying Vince Mcmahon and i love it its so funny

AnswerTriple H is still there

Shawn Michaels is back

X PAC is rumoured to be returning to RAW

Road Dogg is rumoured to be returning to RAW

sounds possible...

AnswerD-X will never reunite. HHH and HBK hate each other.The only possible way D-X will ever come back together is if HBK isn't in it AnswerHHH and HBK DX is remotly possible. DUe to HBKs recent heel turn. I reckon HHH will interfear in HBKs match with Hogan and DX will reform. If it dosent happen before HBK turns face again i doupt if its possible AnswerIn some ways DX is in the WWE right now. What do you think Evolution was? Evolution was like a grown up DX with more powerful members. But as in DX itself returning, it is a high possiblity. AnswerHHH and HBK do not HATE each other. That is simply a storyline... in "real life" they are great friends. I agree that we may eventually see a HHH/HBK DX again... but X-PAC and the New Age Outlaws, as well as Chyna... I doubt it. BUT... this is of course the WWE. It was always said that Hogan wouldn't come back here... and look...

One other thing that that might keep the DX angle from happening is Shawn Michaels' personal beliefs. His re-born Christian attitude is not a story.. it is in fact the way he has chosen to live his life. It would be great to bring DX back though.. that was some of the best times in Wrestling in my opinion. By the way... does anyone know where I can find a web video of DX impersonating the Nation of Domination? I see a brief flash of it during Raw homecoming... and would love to see it again.

Answerdx will NOT come back, new age outlaws are in tna (b.g. James & kip James) so is x PAC (Sean waltman) chyna has finished wrestling and rick rude has retired. AnswerDude he is not retired he is dead Real AnswerDX will be back, rumored to be by Vengeance 2006. With the recent outpour of the DX-Crotchchops by HHH and HBK ever since WM22, its more than likely. However I do question whether the WWE will only bring it back to please fan reaction to this or will it be something more solid, perhaps with new members like Shelton or Joey Mercury or people like that who I think fit the DX bill. Only time can tell but I hope to God they don't overdo it and ruin it like the NWO.

DX is back and they ain't going nowhere.They are in a match against the spirt jerkoffs{spirt squad}at vengance 2006.

2011-09-13 18:11:33
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