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Yes Linux is compatible with most laptop computers but check before you buy.

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Q: Will the LINUX operating system run on any laptop computer?
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Is Linux a operating system?

Yes. Linux is a computer operating system.

Which operating system do you have on your computer?

I, personally, have Ubuntu, Linux. What do you have?

Which computer operating system has a penguin as its logo?


What was the first operating system of early personal computer?


Can you install Linux on a computer that has a operating system installed?


What is a Linux CD?

It is a CD the has some form of Linux, an operating system for your computer (Microsoft Windows is an operating system). There are CDs of Linux that are just used to install Linux, or there are LiveCDs that you just put in and reboot. Linux will be running without effecting the rest of the computer.

How Can you Format a Laptop With no operating system?

Use a boot disc or a Linux LiveCD such as Knoppix

Where you can get Linux?

Linux is an operating system for the computer. You can purchase computers that already have Linux pre-installed on the computer. Select Dell computers come equipped with Linux.

What is an operating system in operations management?

An operating system is the system working on the computer. Linux and Windows are both operating systems used in businesses.

What is Linux is it a example of a personal computer operating system?

Yes, Linux is like an operating system much like Windows OS or Mac OS. Linux is kind of like a community of Operating Systems. A popular OS from Linux is Ubuntu.

How much is a Mac vs. a Linux?

A Mac is a computer the cost of which varies depending on which model you buy. Linux is an operating system that is free. You can use the Linux operating system on a Mac if required.

An operating system allows your computer to?

An operating system (OS) operates and runs your computer e.g. Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris etc...

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