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Yes, he's hosting Wrestlemania 2011.

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โˆ™ 2011-02-20 21:15:34
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Q: Will the Rock return to the WWE?
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Will rock return to wwe?

No he is a sell out. He will NEVER return to the WWE.

When the rock will return?

he was released from wwe

When does the rock return to the WWE?

The Rock made his return on 14th Feburary WWE Raw. Check out the detailed report at

Who would you not like to see return to WWE?

i hate rock and,they should not return to the wwe universe

Who will return to WWE and when?

Many have returned and many will return to the WWE. Lesnar, The Rock, A Train have returned at the moment.

When will the rock return to the WWE?

at wrestlmania 28

Will the rock return to WWE 2011?


Is the rock will return to WWE?

no hes dead

When did the rock return to WWE?

febar 2011

Will The Rock return in WWE in 2009?

no because he got to do his new movie he is in The Rock will return to WWE only to be the guest host of Monday Night RAW.

Why rock leave the WWE?

The rock left wwe to do movies but rumors are going around that he might return to smackdown.

Why did the rock return to WWE?

to get his revenge on john cena

What is the date of returning of WWE superstar the rock?

The Rock may never return

Will the Rock ever return to the WWE for a long year contract?

the rock did return. watch the latest raw or go on

How much will the rock make for his return to WWE?

Sorry salaries are not released to the public that is between him and WWE

When will WWE rock return back?

Never he is retired for good.

Rock of WWE?

yes the rock did make his return in the wwe on raw to be the guest host of wrestlemania 27 todays rock in the company seems to be john cena

Will the rock return to WWE for good?

The Rock will most likely be staying in the WWE because he challenged John Cena to a match at WrestleMania XXVIII, which is rumored to be for the WWE Championship.

Did rock return to WWE 2011?

yes he returned for wrestlemaina 27

Will The Rock return to WWE?

Probably not, but there is a possibility that The Rock will come back for a special appearance... you never no though?

Will The Rock come back to WWE?

Yes The Rock will return to wwe to guest host raw in November to entertain the fans that they havent been entertained before.

Will the rock return to WWE in 2011?

yes because god said so

Will the rock return to WWE in 2010?

The Rock shall be returning this summer. He will be a guest host but will keep returning. That is what they have planned, it may change NOTE: The Rock does not want to return to the ring, he will be there only to do promos

When will the rock return to WWE?

Dwayne the rock Johnson said that if the match is right and is interesting that he will consider comming back to wrestle it..

Will Maryse return to WWE?

It is unknown if Maryse will return to WWE or not.