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Normally any bill that has over 50% still intact can be used. But you cannot use it for vending machines, self checkouts, and etc. If you want to trade in a crappy note for a new one, you need evidence that the missing parts are completely destroyed.

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Q: Will the US Treasury Department replace a partially burned 100 dollar bill if you have parts of the serial number that was printed on each side of the bill?
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If you take a damaged US dollar currency to any US bank, the bank will replace it and return the damaged one to the US Department of Treasury which then destroys old, damaged, ripped, or unusable currency.

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The exact date a US bill was printed can only be determined by comparing a bill's serial number with those on the list at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. However, the range of years in which a bill might have been printed can be estimated by the year and series letter (or symbol) printed on each bill. For example, a $1 Silver Certificate bearing the series 1957 would have been printed between 1957 and 1960. A star after the serial number indicates the notes were printed to replace a series of bills that were unusable for some reason. Changes in letters of series indicate a change in the Secretary of the Treasury or US Treasurer whose signatures appear on each bill. Bills dated 1957A would have been printed between 1961 and 1962 (Treasurer Elizabeth Smith), and bills dated 1957B would have been printed in 1963 (Treasurer Kathryn Granahan). These were the last one dollar silver certificates. Since 1974, the series date is changed to reflect a change in Secretary of Treasury, and the series letter to indicate a change in the US Treasurer.

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