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Will the Windows Vista be any better of a computer than its competitors?


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I am not sure, but I think that you may be confusing the Windows Vista operating system with a type of computer. Any advaced computer with the proper amount of on-board Random Access Memory and a fast enough Central Processor Unit will be able to use this new operating system. I am not a fan of Microsoft, so I have not read up on the Vista version of Windows, but I would suppose that it is to be designed to make media manipulation and processing easier. If you want to download pictures from a digital camera, for instance, it may have the software needed already included, instead of having to install separate software just for the type of camera that you have. It remains to be seen how well the Vista operating system will compare with the Macintosh operating system used on Apple computers, and there are many people using Linux operating systems which work very effectively.

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There really is no benefit in using or having Windows Vista on your personal or business computer.

windows vista is the more improved version of the windows xp .though windows xp is the more stable one .vista is just better in terms of the interface of the computer .

Windows Vista is an operating system, but HP is a computer company, so there is no real comparison between the two.

with vista you have tabs I use windows vista home basic on my computer and i like it it gives you better graphics and more options than xp

There is no such thing as "Windows XP Vista." There is Windows XP and there is Windows Vista. They are two different versions of the Windows operating system (XP is older than Vista). As to which is better (XP or Vista) if that is your question -- I think most people would say that XP is better, but this probably depends on which operating system you are used to and what type of work you do with the computer. That said, even Windows Vista is out of date, now. New machines will have Windows 8 (or Windows 7 if it is slightly older).

Windows 7 is about 4 million times better then Vista. no actually its not. it can make your computer slower and isn't actually that different.

how i can format my computer windows vista withut cd..............please kindly tell me. how i can format my computer windows vista withut cd..............please kindly tell me.

You should buy an upgrade version of Windows Vista however your computer if running XP is likely not to be powerful enough to run windows vista. You should run Microsoft Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor before upgrading as this will show you any problems your computer may have running Vista.

windows Xp is better but Vista is slightly faster

"Vista XP" is not a computer type. Vista and XP are both previous versions of the Windows operating system. The current version of Windows is Windows 8.1.

Windows XP is better. Vista is a better at running games, but it is slower and more problematic than XP

Windows Vista games are games that belong to Windows Vista, which can be accessed through their Windows Vista software. You can easily download free games onto your computer.

Windows Vista games can be purchased right on your computer start menu. Windows Vista comes with its games built into the computer, more information is available online.

For complete instructions on how to remove windows vista check:

yes it can be played on windows vista and you will probobaly get better graphice with windows vista as well i have a lvl 20 dervish and he rocks! yes it can be played on windows vista and you will probobaly get better graphice with windows vista as well i have a lvl 20 dervish and he rocks!

You get a copy of the mspaint.exe file from Windows XP, and move it to your Windows Vista computer.

As long as the computer meets the system requirements for Windows Vista, yes.

your computer might not be powerful enough to run vista. but to be honest i hate vista, get windows 7. Are there any applications running?

Windows Vista and Mac OS are types of computer operating systems.

depends on the computer there is a vist upgrade advisor on the Microsoft webpage here is the webpage: and that will tell you if your computer is capable of whatever OS of vista you can run

In order to find out if, "Rise of Nations" can be installed on a Windows Vista computer, check the back of the CD case, for the supported operating systems of "Rise of Nations."

Yes, it does I have it working on Windows Vista on my computer and it works fine.

Updates for Windows Vista can be found at Windows Update, bearing in mind the system already has Vista, the computer can update automatically with Windows Update if it has been instructed.

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