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Dont put any tape on the bump . The bump part is made of bone and cartilage and you cannot see any change even if you try the tape. If you are injured, then immediately after dressing the wound on the nose , you can put a bandage sort of thing to support the nose.

Dont worry much about the bump by thinking. I can understand your mental position. If it really bothers, you can have a rhinoplasty done which is possible from the age of 18. You have to wait for this. I think patience and perseverance will help you to attain the peace in your life.

AnswerI have a big nose too and i am young i hate it when people say plastic surgery bc i don't want surgery.I hope some one COMES UP WITH A MAGIC CREAM OR SOMETHING ....:) HINT HINT (WHOEVER DOES WILL BE MY GOD) anywayz i like big noses it indicates that you are strong and ouutgoing.Inward noses are cute but wouldn't that have troble breathing..It makes me mad when people have little noses and they say it is big when people out there are struggleing so hard.Like that girl tori spelling "she had a big nose" quote quote year right what ever i would die to have her old nose!what a freak. so remebmer stay strong and make sure to keep your nose out there b/c i like big noses68.210.248.80 15:49, 8 Nov 2005 (CST)!!!! :^D Answeri really hate my nose too and i know it wont change coz my daad brother AND grandma hav it :'( people can say " o no1 will notice!" but they will! everyone i no thinks i hav a weird nose and people are mean, using it as a cuss but its like "i cant bloody help it!" Ive tried tape before but it really doesnt work. i wish i could get a nose job but im only 11 going on 12. do u think that's too young? i really wish theres a magic cream id be the first in line. lol also its like im the only 1 as evry 1 i see either has a normal or small 1. how old r u? i think they let 12 yr olds in some places. ==

The answer above is not true, u must at least be 15 years of age or old . im 12 goin on 13, i have a big nose too and ppl make fun of me somtimes too, but liike everyone say i'd be rly pretty if my nose was diffrent my mom allows me to get a nose job i can't wait till im 15-not cuz its fun but cuz i was the nose job i hate it when ppl be soo mean god.I got my nose from my dad and im getting my nose job when im 15 for 2500$ ppl say its alot but my braces that i have are 7000$ (i just took them off). But yeah its too bad for us thiers nothing for our ages 9 were teens so like yh ages 11-14) we just have to wait and try to make the best of it.

use saran wrap it works

I have an answer and it worked really well for me at the moment.

I'm 12 and going on 13 too btw, i used to put some ginger powder mixed with some water (normal digree) and mix it with a Littile not much Littile amount of water, until it becomes Semiliquid,(not liquind semiliquid) and then you just put it all over your nose and keep it for about.. 2 hours. It will hurt your nose a littile bit but it means that it Effects the nose. And you have to do it several times . Thank you for your intrest. Oh and now my nose is not so short im working on this everyday, and i sense a big difference.

Don't do nose job please. Sufferance my dear People. Yours troully,

Unknown female.

yeah i know how you guys feel i too have a bump i mean no one talks about my nose. I 'm pretty but my nose ruins it i hate it but the only solution for a bump is plastic sugery so start earning:)

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Q: Will the bump on your nose go down if you put tight tape on it and how can you shrink it if you are too young for plastic surgery and people make fun of you?
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