Will the digital TV signal cause damage to an analog TV that does not have a digital converter box?

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How can you tell whether your TV is analog or digital?

Answer . A quick way to check is to see how many channels it gets. For instance, in the UK, there are only 5 analogue channels in most areas (BBC-1, BBC-2, ITV, Channel 4/S4C, Five). On digital there are many more (BBC-3, BBC-4, ITV-2, E4, More 4, Film 4 and so on). If you can get any single cha ( Full Answer )

How do you convert analog signal to digital signal?

Various analog to digital converters are available for this purpose. They are basically made up of operational amplifiers. The other way is to convert the analog signal into samples. Then converting these samples into quantization levels. These quantization levels are then converted into 1s and 0s ( Full Answer )

Can you convert a TV to digital TV?

It is not possible to convert an analog television to a digital television. However, by using a digital set top receiver, it is possible to receive digital signals and deliver them as an analog signal to an analog television. Digital receivers are not expensive, starting at around $25 in US and  ( Full Answer )

How do you know if your TV is digital or analog?

"Standard-definition" (meaning 480i) Cathode-ray tube televisions are analog. CRT TV's are easily identifiable by their immense weight and the fact that their depth nearly matches their width and height. Newer, hi-def (720p, 1080i/p) televisions are almost all either lcd, plasma, or dlp, all of whic ( Full Answer )

Is a cable box needed for digital TV?

No my local channels all but one that is broadcast in both analog and HD digital but they tend to black out a lot. But with a powered antenna the kind you plug into the wall i get a beautiful crisp clean HD picture you can pick a good one up for around 30-40 bucks but don't buy the cheap 15 dollar ( Full Answer )

If a TV is able to show DVDs without a converter does that mean that a converter is not necessary to receive over-the-air digital TV signals also?

There are several answers to this question, depending on the type of television being used. Almost all televisions on sale today are HD ready, which means they can handle HD signals. Any of these televisions will also handle standard definition signals as well.. If the DVD is standard definition, b ( Full Answer )

Digital converter box for a Symphonic TV?

A digital converter box for a Symphonic TV can be found at mostlocal electronic stores. Cable companies also provide digitalconverter boxes for subscribers.

Will your digital television that's receiving an analog signal from comcast be a clear picture digital signal when you go digital in 2009?

\nOnly if you have a digital output on your cable box. If not, it'll end up being a digital signal, converted to analog and then reconverted by your TV back to digital.\n. \nBesides, the digital changeover date is only for local television stations when they turn off their analog transmitters. Th ( Full Answer )

How do you convert your cable company's digital signal to analog so you can watch it on your tv without paying for a second set top box?

\nIt's not so much in the conversion of the signal to analog, but rather, the frequency ranges the cable company may use to send the signals down the cable. In other words, will a standard digital converter box that's out on the market today, have the ability to cover the cable company's sent signa ( Full Answer )

When will you get a digital tv signal?

The answer to your question depends on where you live in the world! Please ask this question again and be sure to say where you want to receive digital television: say in which country as well as in which city, town or village.

What digital tv converter boxes are compatible with TIVO?

For Series 2:. Insignia NS-DXA1 . Venturer STB7766G . Magnavox TB100MW9 . RCA DTA 800A . GE 22729 . Zenith DTT900 . Channel Master CM-7000 . Lasonic LTA-260 . Philco TB100HH9 . Samsonic FT300A . Tivax STB-T9 . Artec T3Apro . Insignia NS-DXA1 . Venturer STB7766G . Magnavox TB100MW9 . ( Full Answer )

Does a digital ready tv needs a converter box?

No. If you already have a digital TV, when the digital transition occurs in February 2009, you will still receive broadcast signals from your antenna. There is no need to purchase additional equipment (a converter box). If you do not already have a digital TV and you want to continue to receive broa ( Full Answer )

How is a digital signal converted into an analog signal?

With a DAC: Digital to Analog Converter. While typical DACs simply convert a digital number to a voltage, there are many special DACs: . MDAC: Multiplying DAC, multiplies an input analog voltage by a digital number to produce an output analog voltage . SyncroDAC: Converts a digital number to 3- ( Full Answer )

Digital tv converter box coupon expired?

Call 'em and get another one. They know that messed up when they started and should be trying to make good with their coupons. You've got nothing to lose except a few minutes of your time.

How do you convert hand held analog TV to digital TV?

You're probably not going to be able to do much about it. Analog is analog and digital is digital. If the TV has only an analog tuner built into it, it's not going to be able to make the transition, unless of course, you can get some type of tuner adapter for it. But that kind of defeats the purpose ( Full Answer )

Can a digital cable box damage your TV?

I think so...my digital cable box was REALLY warm to the touch. When I turned my TV on it played a few minutes then went out. We have had digital cable for about 5 years and no problem...but then the box never was hot either. I think something went wrong in the box and fried my TV. Can't prove it... ( Full Answer )

Can you give the advantages of digital TV over analog TV?

The Advantages: Clearer Signal - if there was snow or static in your previous picture, digital TV could make it crystal clear. EPG - Electronic Program Guide - have the TV guide right on your screen in seconds. More channels - stations have the ability to host more than one channel. Bett ( Full Answer )

Do you need a converter box with a digital TV?

No. You only need a converter box for analog TV and only if you receive your TV "over the air" with an antenna. If you have cable or satellite TV, you don't need a converter.

How do I convert analog tv antenna to a digital antenna?

The antenna can't tell if it is receiving analog or digital. They are the same. However, some antennae are 'banded' to receive a group of channels and reject others. A high band antenna in a weak signal area may not receive the low band digital channels with sufficient strength to 'lock'.

Can you adapt your analog TV for digital?

You can adapt your analog TV by using a digital converter, which you should be able to find fairly easily among the big TV names, such as comcast, verizon, and fios.

Why do you lose signal on your digital tv?

If you use a roof top (outside) antenna, you might need an updated UHF/VHF antenna, aimed at the transmitter. Many stations changed tower locations when they switched to HD.

Do you need a stronger signal for digital TV or for analog TV?

There are two answers to the question - Digital or analog. Here is the reason why: Digital signal are very robust signals as long as they do not fall below a certain strength and quality. As long as the signal is above that threshold, a receiver should be able to interpret the data correctly. That ( Full Answer )

How do you convert digital signal to analog signal?

There are quite a few ways to build a digital-to-analog converter(DAC or D/A). One of the more common circuits is the "R/2R"resistor ladder. It gets its name from its clever use of only twodifferent resistor values, one twice the other. They are wired togive binary "weighting" to a set of parallel d ( Full Answer )

Where can you buy digital tv boxes in Canada?

In august of 2011 local Canadien television will be switching from local over the air cable to digital cable. The best way for one to obtain a digital tv box would be to contact a local cable or satellite provider in the area you are located and request a digital tv box.

Do you need a digital TV box for every TV in the home?

You do actually need a digital tv box for every television in the home. However if you do not need digital channels for every room in your home just aim for the TVs you watch most, to receive digital channels you only need the digital box for that certain tv.

Do 3D TVs require a digital converter?

They do not require a digital converter, but with the addition of one, you can enhance your movies and game's play back with a 3d digital converter. They run around $100.

Can you get a digital TV converter from in Dallas TX?

Yes, you can get a digital TV converter in Dallas, TX. Retailers are having difficulty keeping them in stock due to the high demand. However, they can be found at Walmart and Target.

Why analog signal convert into digital signal?

Because an analog signal takes up more bandwidth than the new digital format. By cutting off the analog signals and offering digital only, it frees up enough space on the network to offer services to a wider range of people. It also includes enhancements to the providers network. For example, faster ( Full Answer )

Can you change your analog TV to digital?

Though the TV cannot be altered, a set top box can be purchased fairly cheaply, about £20.00 in the UK. If you watch broadcast television (by means of an antenna) rather than using cable TV, you can convert your analog TV to digital by means of a digital converter box, which should be easily avai ( Full Answer )

Does rain effect digital TV signal?

Indeed, cloud cover and rain (specifically water) cause interference in DTV signals. Severity depends on your distance from the broadcast tower.

What digital TV converter boxes are compatible with a Phillips TV?

Most all boxes are compatible with all tv sets. The converter box will have multiple outputs to connect to the input of the tv set. If the set has the red, blue and green connectors, look for a converter box that has the same outputs. This type of connection will render the best picture.

How do you convert the analog signal from your rfoutput on your sky box to be received on your digital only tv?

Almost all modern televisions still support analog RF signals. The input selection will usually be marked as "ATV" or "Analog Television". Alternatives are to use the analog video output form the Sky receiver. Again, almost all televisions have a number of analog video inputs. If the television on ( Full Answer )

Where can a digital TV converter be bought?

If one wants to purchase a digital TV converter they are widely available. One can often purchase or rent them from one's cable company. Other options include Best Buy, Amazon and eBay.

What is the purpose of a digital TV box?

I have to say the decive in your image i have never used before,now TV Box, kind staff used to turn your tv into a HTPC, so thatyou get access to network ,such google ,youtube.com etc, now tronfyfull-loaded tv box from tinydeal.com support more channels, if youwant to know sth about it or go for one ( Full Answer )

Where can one buy analog to digital tv converters?

Analog to digital television converters are a popular item that are widely available in department stores, electronic stores, discount stores, office supply shops, home improvement stores, warehouse clubs and even some dollar stores such as Dollar General. Online, they can be ordered from both Amazo ( Full Answer )