Will the doctor give you the depo shot if you are pregnant?


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No. Depo-provera is used to prevent pregnancy. It will not be given if the woman is already pregnant.

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If you got pregnant on your last depo shot then it should be obvious you can get pregnant taking it.

If you are late for your depo pervra shot, you could be. You need to take a pregnancy test and consult your doctor.

Depo Provera will not harm or end the pregnancy.

If you are on the Depo shot then when it is time to go back and get your shot they will tell you and you won't be able to get your shot.

i have got pregnant while being on the depo shot it the reason why is that my body did not take the drug how it was suppose to and i found out that when i got the shot to the time i found out i was pregnant as if i was never on it

It is highly unlikely to get pregnant on the depo provera. And if you are worried because you have not had a period in two months that is normal for the depo shot. It is made to stop your period

can you get pregnant when missing one month of depo Type your answer here...

I got the depo shot 1 week after unprotected sex then found out I was pregnant. I lost the baby because of an ectopic pregnancy. There is no proof but I think depo had something to do with it.

Yes. Depo does not prevent UTIs. However, pregnancy is very unlikely on Depo.

Highly unlikely that you are pregnant as the depo shot is one of the best methods of birth control. If you have not had a period, you should ask your doctor but I do know that it is common with depo users.

Always a chance but my doctor told me u should be good to go within a day of getting the shot.

Its possible if you're pregnant & continue having the shot.

Depo provera is meant to prevent pregnancy. it is not meant to make it easier to get pregnant.

It is common to have no period when using Depo Provera.

Depo provera is birth control, meant to prevent pregnancy. It is of no use to a pregnant woman.

yes, but when you tell the doctor that you are on the depo shot, he will know exactly what you are talking about. every doctor knows depo pro vera has the same chemical makeup as methamphetamine!

You should get your depo provera shot every three months. My doctor gives me a chart every time I go in so I know the exact dates to go in for the shot. Maybe your doctor could give you one as well. They're extremely helpful!

The Depo Provera injection lasts for 13-15 weeks. After that, you could get pregnant.

About every 12 weeks. Normally your doctor will give you a time frame for your next shot. I hope this helped

There is no danger to the pregnancy if a women uses Depo Provera while pregnant. No punishment is necessary.

Could I be pregnant because I received my last depo-shot six months ago and havent had a period?

depo is injected into the muscle, it tricks the body into thinking you are pregnant this is why your period is stopped. you do not ovulate at all.

I'm guessing you mean the depo provera shot, and that you're asking if you can get pregnant? If you're asking if you can get pregnant, the answer is yes. If you're asking if you can take other birth control now, ask your doctor.

It probably isn't a good idea to try it but I can say I have been on the depo for 10 years and I have always allowed that.. and never gotten pregnant. When I was younger I went to my doctor to get a pregnancy test because I thought maybe I was. My doctor laughed and said he didn't want to give me a test because I absolutely could not be pregnant on the shot. Something about your body fooling itself into thinking you are pregnant; therefore, you are not making any eggs.

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