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Q: Will the drug name xanax or clonazepam show up in a pre-employment drug test- or will they just show as benzodiazapines?
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Does xanax and clonazepam show the same on a drug teas?

Yes they are both benzodiazepines mainly used to treat anxiety

What does Benz indicate in drug testing?

Benzodiazepine found in anti-depressants such as Diazepam (Valium), Alprazolam (Xanax) and Clonazepam (Klonopin)

What antidepressents test positive on a drug test?

Tricyclic antidepressants (TCA's) like trazodone (Desyrel) and amitriptyline (Elavil).

Does Xanax show up in a five panel drug screen?

That is difficult to answer. It depends on what drugs are being tested for. Most generally, though, benzodiazapines like xanax are commonly abused, and almost always tested for.

How Does CVS drug test for preemployment?

send you to a doctor

Where do you go for a Walgreen Preemployment Drug Test?


Is xanax and kolonopin the same drug?

No. Klonopin is clonazepam. It also goes by the names: Ceberclon, Klonopin, Klonopin Wafer and Valpax. I'll add a link to this post.

Does codeine show in standard preemployment drug screens?


Will xanax show up as Valium on a drug test?

no- on a standard dip stick test or tippy cup test it will show up as xanax...However, if you have the urine sample sent to a lab, it will show up as benzoziazepine...

How unsafe is it to mix clonazepam hydrocodone xanax xr Cymbalta. Then throw in alcohol in the mix?

Very dangerous! You are risking respiratory failure!!! Cymbalta is the only safe drug in the mix!!!!!

Will barbituates show up as benzodiazapines on drug test?


Can drug dogs smell benzodiazapines?

Yes! because they can get drunk