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Will the liner shrink when a pool is drained?


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2015-07-14 16:47:17
2015-07-14 16:47:17

If you have a hot tub or a large bath tub where you can keep the liner until you put up the pool the liner will be fine. We bought an older 20' round pool and we were very worried that everyone we spoke to and all the Google s said that the liner would shrink...but hubby had the brilliant idea to put the liner in the hot tub until we had the pool up. It WORKED PERFECT! The liner is 9 years old and everyone told us it would shrink, especially since we were not installing for several days. Put it in this evening and it fit perfectly!


You just MUST keep the liner completely wet--submerged in water until it is time to reinstall. Warm water is best obviously because it keeps the liner pliable. However, the tricky part to putting it back up is that you must line up the original hole that you had cut for the filter hole perfectly. So when you reinstall the liner, start the process there, at the filter hole and make sure the filter and the hole in the liner line up perfect.

Question redoes the temperature of the water matter. I am removing one on Friday and reinstalling it Saturday.

Yes, it will shrink some. The best thing to do is to try to keep the linner wet i moved one it was out of water for 2 weeks but it still went up but with not as much over hang on the sides.

Absolutely YES. I learned this the hard way last spring when the liner had to be replaced because the old one tore and shrunk due to the draining of the pool. I'd call someone to do it for you if you want to remove it.

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mine just did it. It was only dry for 1 day. Now I have to replace it at the tune of $350 to $400. I guess you live and learn.

Just bought house. Pool Drained. inground. ~$3000 to replace. That's a YES.


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An above ground pool if it's a doughboy type cannot remained drained as the liner shrinks and requires a replacement as the sun and elements shrink it if it docent have a liner and is a super splash it can remained drained a little loge

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If the pool is drained by mistake and the liner has floated, make sure to keep the liner wet. This will prevent it from possible shrinkage.

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Not bloody likely.... The liner will shrink when the pool is emptied. (depending on how old) Even if it is a brand new liner, it will be almost impossible to line the holes back up for the skimmer and return. They would then become a leak problem on the new pool location. Good luck.

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The pool probably should not have been drained until the ground had a chance to drain. The weight if the water in the pool helps to support the wall againt the groundwater pressure.

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You should never completely drain an above ground pool. The chemicals in the vinyl liner that allow it to stretch when originally installed do not last. If you drain the water, the liner will shrink and when you refill the pool there is a good chance that instead of stretching back the liner will rip instead. NEVER drain your pool.

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