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420 A non turbo 95 to 99 motors will fit in a 2000 Eclipse RS. This means that the 1996 motor should fit in work fine in the 2000 model.


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Yes. The motor from a 1996 eclipse rs can fit in a 2000 eclipse rs.

yes it will and a eclipse motor will fit in a neon

yes, but it has to be the same year/years my sister has a neon motor in her eclipse

2000 Mitsubishi eclipse 2000 Mitsubishi eclipse 2000 Mitsubishi eclipse

Yes, you may have to swap the motor mounts and you will definitely need a computer, but it will fit.

No. Not without major modification.

yes. it requires mounts and loom. but any vtech engine will fit

no because u can upgrade but you cant downgrade in motors

yes, they changed the style in 2001 but everything from 1996 to 2000 will fit

i believe it will but to be sure check with an auto salvage yard, they can help you know for sure

It might fit, but it actually a different bumper. It means that your fog lights are not going to fit. Other then that I do not see a reason why it will not fit.

will injectors from a 2000 7.3 powerstroke fit a 1996?

Oh yes that would easily fit right in, mostly any Honda motor will fit in .

Yes it will. The motor is still the same 4g63, 7 bolt engine. Also a motor swap from a 90-94 6bolt engine will work too. On the other hand, the gs/rs is also the same 420a,

Yes you just have to change the headlights from a 1998 to the 1996 with the bumper change.

yes you can with additional modification.

A motor from a 1991 Oldsmobile will fit into a 1996 Oldsmobile Delta 88. The motor mounts will need to be changed.

The Turbo 4G63 motor will fit in it. It might fit but with modification. I was looking at my friends turbo eclipse and the motor sits in there differently. The motor mounts are in different locations. it's a real pain to drop the turbo engine in because it basically sits backwards from the non-turbo engine, so the motor mounts are in the wrong place. However, i have heard rumor that 4g63 evo motor will fit without mod because it sits the same way as rs/gs

any. if you know what you're doing and have the right tools :)

yup use to have a 93 eclipse same car with a 2.0 in it 1.8 came out of the car

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