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Yes it will work and yes it will stop your period from coming.I've done it many times.When you do decide to take it off you will have your period as if you would normally taking it off every 4th week.I've done it stopping my period up to 2 months,but sooner or later your period will come even if you keep putting the patch on if you putit off for too long.


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No it will not return about 2 months after.

When you're on hormonal birth control like the ring, patch, or pill, you normally don't ovulate, and you will have less vaginal bleeding. When ovulation resumes, you are likely to notice an increase in both mid-cycle pain and cramping with your period, as well as heavier flow. Most likely, you will return to your previous level of cramping and flow.

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After your last Depo-Provera shot, it will take roughly three months to have your first period. As soon as you resume having your periods, ovulation should return to normal as well.

After Mirena is removed, you can expect your hormones and period to return to its previous pattern within 4-6 weeks. Like the birth control pill, Mirena gets out of your system quickly once removed.

Some women take a while for their cycle to return to normal and some return straight away. Use a condom until you have a period, then start your ovulation checks. Good Luck

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I am having the same thing. It has been 5 weeks for me. I talked to the doctor and they said it can take up to 3 months to have your period return after having your IUD out.

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Unless you are nursing your period will return in six weeks.

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Your period should not be delayed from missing a single pill.

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After you have completed your reading and browsing simply close this window or click the button on the bottom of this page and you will return to the previous page. The best way to get pregnant, once you know your approximate day of ovulation, is to start having intercouse about four days before. You should do this every other day to give the sperm count time to replensh to full capacity. In a 28 day cycle with ovulation on the 14th day, that would be Day 11, Day 13, and Day 15. Redicting Ovulation Ovulation, which only takes about two minutes to complete, usually occurs 14 days after the onset of the period in a 28 day cycle. Ovulation always occurs 14 days BEFORE the onset of your period. The egg is capable of being fertilized for 24 hours. If your period is 29 day, then you would usually ovulate on Day 15. Subtract 14 days from the length of your period, and this will give you the approximate time of ovulation. To be absolutely sure when ovulation may occur you can use a basal body temperature chart. Using a special thermometer, called a basal body thermometer, you must take your temperature every morning BEFORE getting out of bed and record this on a chart (such as the one below). Your temperature rises between 0.4°F and 0.8°F on the day of ovulation. Chart your basal body temperature daily on a graph similar to this. You can download a blank chart in HTML Format that you can print out from your browser by clicking the chart. You will need an unzipping program to extract it. An evaluation version is also available free on this web site.Ovulation predictor kits can also help to pin point your day of ovulation. They work by detecting the small amounts of LH that is present in the urine before ovulation. There is a rise in the amount of LH in the body approximately 24 hours before ovulation. This increase is registered by a color change. You must follow manufacturer's directions precisely to get the best resultsjoymaker RN

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Most of the time, as soon as you pass ovulation, it will return to a dry, sticky or lotiony state. That being said, a lot of women DO experience and increase in white lotion-like cervical mucous and later find out that they are pregnant. It can also be a sign of an infection too - so if accompanied by itch or odor, see your doctor at once.

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