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Will the rest of season 3 of prison break come back?


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I don't think you should leave the viewers hanging on the series "Prison Break". This is a good show and it should be shown until it has a finale.


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Prison break has ended there was a movie after season 4

No, the series ended in 2009.

This forum has all the latest episodes for Prison Break Season 3:

Never. They only made 4 seasons.

it is not clear that there will be a season 4 .they are not even sure if there will be a season 3

Huh?? The final season is almost over in SA. So they say anyway....

season 4 if they make it i hope they do

the second half of season two (season 3) comes out March 28th

The second half of Season 2 will premiere in 2011

Make it or break comes back on June 28th 2010 at 10/9c.

There has not been a season 4 of the television series Beyond The Break. However, Bailey did return from a summer tour at the beginning of the third season.

If Emily returns, he will too probably

Eureka season 3 is supposed to come back in June or July this year, but go to Sci-Fi .com to get the exact date

There is not going to be a season 4 of Make It or Break It. The show was cancelled after season 3.

It won't. ABC Family has cancelled the show. (*tears in my eyes*)

No, the fate of the show is currently unknown

The second half of Season 2 will premiere in 2011

It is back on now, but it started season 2 in July 2010In 2011, it is supposed to be on in March, but the exact date is unknown.

ABC Family Renewed a third season for Make It Or Break It somewhere around September 17th but the third season will come out in January 2012

Sometime in January 2012 the third season of Make It Or Break It will come out

PB season 4 returns on Fri, Apr 17, 2009 in the US and on Tue, Apr 21st UK to complete its final season for a 5 week run continuing on from episode 17 through 22....ending with a double episode on Fri, May 15th in the US. The Prison Break season 4 DVD set will be released in the UK on July 6 & June 2 in the US.

yes, she is just taking a break from the show. She will come in season 3 Big Time Jo Returns.

No he is out for the season he wants to come back but his doctor wont let him

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