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Q: Will the sony psp 3000 Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep entertainment pack mystic silver come with the game case?
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Will there be a Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep bundle in the US?

A Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep bundle was available for Gamestop customers. The bundle came with a Mystic Silver PSP 3000, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, a 4GB Memory Stick, Birth by Sleep PSP decal stickers, and a Sony Music Pass valid for 50 music downloads.

Where is silver rock in Kingdom Hearts 2?

Silver rocks are Emblem Heartless that shoot white light at you

Who will win Sonic Team or Kingdom Hearts?

Sonic Teams because they got the most better characters the Kingdom Hearts and they got silver and shadow and sonic so that will be the only kill made in history. And people who say this is wrong and kingdom hearts will there that all

Who would win in a fight mystic gohan or Silver Surfer?

mystic gohan

Where to get power stone in kingdom hearts 2?

From a Luna bandit (8%) or a silver rock (6%) both of which you can find in agrabah

When was Silver Creek Entertainment created?

Silver Creek Entertainment was created in 1994.

Where can you find the mystic ticket in soul silver?


Where can you get Power Stones in Kingdom Hearts II for the PS2?

Power stones are dropped by Luna Bandits and Silver Rocks. Luna Bandits are found in Agrabah and Silver Rocks are found in Agrabah, Halloween Town, and The Pride Lands.

Where can you buy a silver psp 3000?

Amazon has some for $239 with PlayStation Portable Limited Edition Ratchet & Clank Entertainment Pack - Mystic Silver by Sony and used models starting at $90. They also have just the game used starting at $82 and other packages new with game bundles for Gran Turismo or Daxter Entertainment Pack under $300 and also available used for under $100

What does Mickey use in Kingdom Hearts?

A keyblade, but a kinda different Keyblade than Sora. Sora's Kingdom Key is white with a golden keychain, but Mickey's is gold with a silver keychain. Bladeofblades: It's called the Kingdom Key D, if you want a real name.

Is there a green form in kingdom hearts II?

No, there is only a red form (Valor), a blue form (Wisdom), a yellow/gold form (Master), a white/silver form (Final) and a black form (Anti).

What are the release dates for Pieces of Silver A Story of Hearts and Souls - 1914?

Pieces of Silver A Story of Hearts and Souls - 1914 was released on: USA: March 1914

What is the name of Sora's primary Keyblade?

Sora's primary Keyblade is the silver-based, gold-handled, Kingdom Key. This is the Keyblade that we see him holding in most cut-scenes, and the one found on most game-covers. This is also the Keyblade that first materialized in his hands, in the beginning of the first Kingdom Hearts.

What do you get when you pre order Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep?

Pack includes:PSP-3000 system (Mystic Silver)AC power cordAC adaptorBattery packKINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep4GB Memory Stick PRO DuoFeatures:Lighter, slimmer, Silver PSPAll-new vibrant widescreen LCD screenBuilt-in microphonePlay on any TV using video out (cables sold separately)Play games, movies, music and moreEverywhere just got better

Where can you find a Bright Stone in Kingdom Hearts 2?

Bright Stones are found by defeating Bulky Vendor, Aeroplane, Cannon Gun, Silver Rock, Tornado Step, Driller Mole, White Knight, and Luna Bandit

What do you unlock when you defeat terra in kingdom hearts 2 final mix?

You get a keyblade and a crown and depending on if you helped all 13 black mushrooms or beat all data battles your crown will be silver or gold if you did all that stuff.

What does the SIlver Legacy Resort Casino provide for entertainment?

The Silver Legacy Resort Casino provides a large selection of entertainment. It has headlining performers such as Moses Chan and Scott Weiland. It also has a very popular comedy club!

What is the meaning of the mickey sword in Kingdom Hearts?

I think you mean why does Mickey have one?Sorry if I'm guessing wrong, it was just kind of unclear to me.If that was what you were asking; here's the answer.The keyblade is named The Realm of DarknessKing Mickey acquired this keyblade while stumbling through Kingdom Hearts. This key is identical to Sora's, except the blade is gold and the handle silver. It possesses all the power and authority of its twin, but its purpose is far different. Mickey must use this key to seal Kingdom Hearts, because two hearts and two keys are needed to close the Door to Darkness.It is unknown by what means Mickey found or received the Keyblade, but some people think the fact that his silhouette appears in its keychain must have some deeper meaning.

What is the name of sailor moons moon kingdom?

The Kingdom on the Moon was referred to as the Silver Millennium.

What Christmas song has the words Fill your hearts with Christmas cheer?

Silver Bells

How is the kingdom of God like a camera?

its silver and boxlike

Where do you find silver in mysims kingdom wii?


How can you get a crown in Kingdom Hearts 2?

The crowns are a decorative costume add-on available only on Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ which is only available in Japan.Three different crowns are received by obtaining 'Proofs', which are given to you when you complete various side-quests throughout the game.1 Proof(s) - Bronze Crown2 Proof(s) - Silver Crown3 Proof(s) - Gold Crown

What is colors does the psp 3000 come in?

it comes in radiant red , vibrant blue , blossom pink , pearl white , turquoise , mystic silver and black

How come on halo when you get the grunt birthday party skull it doesnt give you an achievement?

Because its a silver skull. The silver skulls in halo 3 don't have achievements only the gold skulls do like iron and mystic. Hope i helped.