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Q: Will the tail light from a 95 integra fit in a 92 integra?
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What seats fit in 1994 Acura Integra?

any 92-2001 integra will fit. also any Honda civic 92-2002 will fit also i believe

What other year Acura Integra seats fit in a 92 integra?


Will a 94 integra brake booster fit a 92 integra?

No, the brake booster on a 1994 Acura Integra is different from a 1992 model. The 1994 model is a different generation and uses a different sized brake booster.

Will 92 integra wheels fit your 94 Honda civic?

The lug nut pattern is the same - 100mm x 4.

Will 90-93 integra coilovers fit 92-95 civic 4 dr?

There are 92-95 Honda Civic coil over kits for sale @

Will a integra 90-91 integra transmission bolt up to a 92 integra?

ya its always 90 to 93

Can you swap a B20 into a 92 integra LS?


How do you remove the tail light to a Honda civic 92?

The tail light on a 1992 Honda Civic is removed by loosening the mounting bolts on the trunk. After those are loosen and tail light can be wedged out. Be careful not to ruin the weatherstripping found around the light.

How do you put 92 integra seats in 95 integra?

A lot of cutting and welding of the seat brackets I'm sure!!!

Your tail light wont turn off 92 Toyota Paseo?

Forget to take out the key

Why does the oil lamp light up for a 92 Acura Integra?

most likely because you have no oil in your engine check it i change the oil i went to mechanic he check the oil but light showing .

Will a 98 Acura Integra manual transmission bolt up to a 92 model integra?

Yes, with one exception: the 92 Integra comes with a cable actuated clutch, the 98 a hydraulic actuated clutch. Hasport may have a cable to hydraulic converter kit.

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