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Yes at least forty thousand. All you need is a pig and a bean. It lasts for half an hour. Give it the bean and it will let a really really really smelly one off o yes. It may knock you and the world out for half an hour.

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Where is the Flying Pig Marathon?

The Flying Pig Marathon is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Flying Pig Marathon is on May 2.

How do you get the flying pig pinata on viva pinata?

You need to romance a swan and a pig and it will become a flying pig :)

Who was known as The Flying Pig?

The person who was the most known as the flying pig was the flying cheese ball along with the fluffy flying sheeeeeeeeep and waffles and pancakes and cookies :)

What is 'flying pig' when translated from English to Italian?

"Flying pig" in English means maiale volante in Italian.

How do you discipline a pig?

you can not ever discipline a pig you can not ever do that ever because then they will start not to like you !!!!!!!!!!!.

Biggest pig ever?

the biggest pig ever is 4,000 pounds it is me in my sisters pig and we live in Texas

What in the world is a flying pig?

A flying pig is a pig with wings and a halo on it's head. Ha ha ha we are watching you humans pigs will once rule again ha ha ha.

Flying pig in Japanese?

フライングブタ Furaingubuta

How do you make a pig fly on scribble nauts?

the answer is, : you can't. they just put a flying pig on the cover to makescribble nauts sell better. But, you can make a flying pig on the new game,super scribble nauts!

Does anyone have a flying pig?

Um no, and by the way, why are you asking this?

Is their such think as a flying pig?

No, there is no such thing, but in your imagination there can be one!

Can a pig ever be kosher?

NO!!!!!!! A pig can NEVER be kosher!

What was John Steinbecks motto?

"To the stars on the wings of a pig." His trademark letterhead included the image of a flying pig, which he named Pigasus--an allusion to Pegasus, the flying horse of mythology.

Who is Penelope the flying pig?

There is an app called "When Pigs Fly Free" featuring Penelope the Flying Pig. There is a paid version and a free version, both available online.

How long is the flying pig marothon?

well if a pig is missing a pallet, typically it is a cloudy Wednesday afternoon?

Why was it called the flying pig?

it was called flying pig besause the town hired a artest and he tryed to make a joke out of it so he put up the pigs on the harbor in st Louis

What is the setting of pigs is pigs?

spider pig. spider pig. do what ever a spider pig does.

Is there ever have been records of flying monkeys?

Is there ever been records of flying monkeys?

What gems get you the flying pig on Fantage?

moonstone moonstone and moonstone

What is one good joke about the sun?

I remember the last time I saw a flying pig flying towards the sun.

What are the ratings and certificates for Peppa Pig - 2004 Flying a Kite 1-13?

Peppa Pig - 2004 Flying a Kite 1-13 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

Why is erosion a problem?

i love when the pig was flying over woody and buzz and the girl named jessy and the mad pig and the train.

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