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We'll have to wait and see I bet they might in Halo Reach, considering that's supposed to be the last Halo game.

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Why wont bungie show master chiefs face?

they want it to be mysterious like, "who is that guy" "what does he look like"

Is there going to make a halo 4 to show what happens afterhe crashes on a planet?

At the end of halo 3 master chiefs tag S-117 is on the hillside memorial suggesting that he didn't make it back to earth (or any colonized planet) alive

Where can one find information about Master Chief show?

There is no Master Chief show. There is a character called Master Chief in the Halo games and there is an American cooking show called Master Chef. Master Chef information is on the Food Network site.

Did emile the character from halo reach get a face injury because he was the only spartan that didnt show his face or taking his helmet off?

They all have face injuries and they didn't show his face to provide mystery.

Will Master Chief show his face in Halo 4?

we don't know for sure until it comes out but It is highly unlikely. In my Opinion I don't think it will happen. Because if 343I did I think they will get alot of hate from the fans.

Why don't master chief show his face?

Because he's ugly.

How do you get a halo costumes for kids?

I always check because they show some master chief {halo 3 editon} costumes but i can't say that those things are cheap.

What does master chief's face look like without the mask?

They never show his face. It's purposefully hidden.

What song has i want to show you show you my little halo?

Halo by Soil.

Who is more famous Sonic the Hedgehog or Master Chief?

Master chief isn't even on the same planet in terms of popularity, and most people you show the picture of him, they think his name is halo

Why doesn't Master chief show his face?

Bungie wants you to picture yourself in Master Chief's shoes. Which is why they never show it in front of you. The books seem to picture his face, although it doesn't give you much. This was of course, in the words of one of Bungie's representative.

Is master chief ever going to show his face?

Likely; no. His ambiguity has become a sort of symbol of halo, with people focusing on his armor rather than him. However, Bungie has been known to throw a screwball once in a while, but don't get too excited.

Do they ever find master chief?

Well actually in Halo: Reach at the end you see that they moved him into a diffrent ship but never un-freeze him. and at the very end you see the ship him and cortana were in at the end of halo 3 crash landed on reach. Hey, actually at the very end of Reach they show Master Chief and Cortana but not were they were in halo 3. When you see him,hes is frozen at the time of Halo 1 not Halo reach. This can be very confusing, I know. Remember, Reach is a prequal to Halo 1.( Halo Reach happened before Halo 1 but not made before.) =P

How do you get a FaceTime?

basically when your girl friend wants to show her face to you in her bedroom so you just master bait right in her face so that's basically what face time is , it also includes blowjob's

What is the price of halo reach?

go to type in halo reach in the search bar and it will magically show you the price of halo reach and other halo games

What is the 25 character product key to halo?

show halo game product key

Is Master Chief in Halo 4?

He survives if you beat the game and wait for the credits to end (you might want to get something to eat or drink because it takes forever) at the end master chief climbs into a cryo tube. the same in halo combat evolved and takes a little nap. So yes he is alive . If you play it on Legendary it will show the ship :Forward Unto Dawn coming to a Forerunner planet. He is in Halo 4. The Halo 4 trailer shows the frigate flying to a portal.We don't know yet. But he'll probably will be. At the legendary ending of Halo 3 he is seen drifting to an unknown planet on a half of the frigate, Forward Unto Dawn, so he'll probably be in Halo 4 being seen climbing out of cryo-sleep, like the beginning of Halo CE. And why would they leave fans with a cliffhanger and never answer it? So we could say Master chief is probablyin Halo 4.

Can you show the halo reach cheat?


What is the duration of Face to Face Philippine Talk Show?

The duration of Face to Face - Philippine Talk Show - is 3600.0 seconds.

Can you use the katana in Halo 3?

No,its just for show.

What does the utilty do in halo reach?

Nothing, Its just for show.

What is t master 7 com?

It is Ticket Master. Enjoy the show!

What is Halo 3 ODST Beta?

A Beta is a demo of a game released to show gamers the extent of the game. Most Halo titles have had Beta demos such as Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo Wars and the new Halo Reach Beta which comes out on May 7th, 2010.

How do you get to see shemale face to face?

You ask them to show you their face.

What is the difference between halo reach and halo reach beta?

The Halo Reach Beta is to test the game, finding out glitches and to show a sneak preview to everyone. Halo Reach is the actual game, Which in my opinion is an amazing game.