Will time really wash away your love for your ex-girlfriend if you are having a hard time getting over your ex?


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Yes, in 95% of the cases time does wash away the hurt of a lost love. I have a picture album dating back to the 50s when I was a teen. I have 4 boyfriends in my album and remember each one of them fondly, but remember while going with each one how much I thought I was in love with them. Well, it wasn't meant to be and I now know at my age that we all have to take certain roads of destiny (usually for our own good) and yes, I wasn't paying attention and married an mentally/abusive and cheating guy, but divorced him and I have been happily married for 33 years now to a wonderful man. Lost love does hurt. There are a few that are so intense about their true love that they never get over it, but it's only because they refuse to and move on. I find it sad, because the other person has moved on and here sits the lovesick person wasting their life away. There is someone very special around a corner for you one day and when you least expect it that's when you'll meet her. Good luck Marcy I think Marcy gives really good advice here.

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