Will truck driving companies hire some one with a dwi?

If your DUI/DWI/DWAI was within the last three years, your odds are slim to none. Once you've finished the suspension period and met the terms for reinstatement of your license, you can either get a CDL (if you didn't have one previously) or get it back (if you did). However, policies on this vary by carrier... you simply won't find one that'll hire you within three years of your conviction, because the cost to insure that person would be through the roof. Once the points drop off their MVR, then it can be a different matter, although it'll still be a matter of company policy. No companies will accept anyone with a DUI within the last three years. A lot won't accept anyone with a DUI within the last five years. Some won't accept anyone with a DUI, ever. Multiple DUIs make them even more prone to shy away.