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Will updating carrier settings take off iphone jailbreak?


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No, only an iOS update will.

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Simple answer: Yes.Only update when the Jailbreak you use has a new version / then only update the Jailbreak, not the iPod/iPhone.

If your iPhone is unlocked, then yes, all carriers will work. But if it is locked to a certain carrier, then you will have to unlock it using a jailbreak.

Plug it in to iTunes, press Restore. It should restore your iPhone to its factory settings, thus killing the jailbreak.

You cannot modify the iPhone 5's settings normally. The only way you can do it is if you jailbreak your phone.

Unfortunately not if you are using stock iOS. However, this could be done if you were to Jailbreak your iPhone.

a jailbreak means your ohone is open to more apps and capabilities boyond your carrier restrictions

Your iPhone DOES NOT slow down when you jailbreak it.

this will only happen if you choose to update to the newest apple software. updating music and such thru itunes will not touch your jailbreak

Check what carrier is listed in the top-left corner of your phone. If you can't find it, got to Settings>General>About>and find where is says its carrier.

Us Jailbreak me on the iPhone 4 if you have the firmware 4.0

No but you can jailbreak an iphone or ipod touch but they each have different sites to jailbreak your ipod/iphone

Only if you purchase an unlocked (non-contract) iPhone 5s, or purchase a carrier-based 5s and can manage to "jailbreak" (unlock) the device.

There isn't a jailbreak for the iphone 4 yet, but there will be in the near future.

You need to use the program RedSnOw to jailbreak an iPhone 5.

Go to Settings>Wifi>On>Find one and connect.

It is okay to jailbreak your iPhone 3g. The only downside to jailbreaking your iPhone is that you will loose your Apple warranty.

Well, it depends what generation you have. It depends on what software version you have. If you have a 4.2.1, go to the website greenpois0n to jailbreak your iPhone/iPod touch. If you have 4.0 and lower, go to the website jailbreak me on your iPhone/iPod touch and slide jailbreak. I

You'll have to jailbreak it. See here for info: thebigboss.org/jailbreak-iphone-ipad-ipod

You can not get Siri if you jailbreak a iphone 4. In order to get Siri you have to download the app.

go to **1 to know about jailbreak.

When you jailbreak an iPhone cydia is installed and Apple limitations are removed from iOS. A tethered jailbreak means you will have to connect to computer everytime you want to start your iPhone. While in untethered you do not need to connect to computer.

to jailbreak an iphone means that you can download apps that used to cost money for free.

You will need to jailbreak your iPhone 4 to unlock it. Once you jailbreak the device, the warranty is void.

To jailbreak an iPhone 4 you need to download redsn0w. For better info go to youtube and search ' how to jailbreak iPhone 4 on (whatever your OS is .example: IOS 5).'

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