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it all depends. when i missed the pill for even 2 days i bleed. but some people can miss the pill for up to 10 days without bleeding


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No. What you had was called a 'Withdrawl Bleed'. Had you taken the pill for the entire duration of the course (21 days) you would have had a longer withdrawl bleed. If you have now discontinued taking the pill you will have a regular period shortly, which may be slightly heavier than you would normally have.

It depends on what pill you are using, you can get pregnant from missing just one of the "mini pills" others you would have to miss 3 or 4 -

Depends when you first start it can go 7+ days, but as you get older that may get less. The pill will also make periods lighter. I was on the pill for many years and it got to 2-3 days tops a month.

You will experience a withdrawal bleed within 7 days of stopping the pill. To get a regular, natual period it may take 3 months but usually a lot less.

They bleed for about 3 weeks while in heat.

For a safer protection, you might miss the period between both drugs. You might start the pill on the day you were supposed to start your "drug-free week". You might also start the pill 2-3 days later. It shouldn't affect birth control.

let your period bleed for a while, and then when it's going away you could start taking the hormonal pills again. Try not to forget. Although apparently you only need 3 days of bleeding to be healthy and allow your cycle to keep moving even on the pill. So 3 days of period is enough.

If you don't take your pill as prescribed then have unprotected sex then you stand a chance of becoming pregnant. Do a test 2 - 3 weeks after you had unprotected sex then you will know.

If you've only missed one pill, there should be no change to the menstrual cycle. Take that pill as soon as possible, and then continue with the regular schedule. If you've missed two pills, do the same as above. If you've missed 3 or more, throw out the pack. Your period (withdrawal bleeding) should occur in approx 3-7 days, and then you start a new pack of pills on the Sunday or the first day of bleeding, whatever your usual course is. If it doesn't, you need to get a pregnancy test.

not effective, get plan B 1 step or any day after pill

a dog is in heat 3 weeks 7 days going in 7 days in heat and 7 days going out , she will bleed most of this time .

Start taking the pill as soon as you remember and try not to miss anymore pills. Whenever you miss a pill you need to use a backup method of protection - a condom for 7 days. If you miss more than one pill then you need to use a condom for 2 weeks. This is 100% necessary as without using a backup method of protection for 7-14 days you put yourself at risk of pregnancy because birth control will not be protecting you against pregnancy due to you missing 3 pills. You need to give time for birth control pills to work again and to prevent pregnancy. Continue taking your pills each day even when using a condom.

If you bleed for 3 to 4 days when your period was supposed to come, that is fine. If you bleed for 3 to 4 days in-between periods, it might mean that you are stressed or it could be a side effect of a medication. The bleeding could also be related to uterine fibroids, miscarriage or hormonal changes.

They can bleed for 3-5 days after giving birth. It is not uncommon for the bleeding to continue for up to 7 days.

Yes it is possible.The contraception pill will only work if you take the pills as you are meant to. If you miss a pill you must use another form of contraception for 7 days before again relying on the pills.

Average bleeding time is 3-5 days.

Yes missing the pill can make u bleed for the simple reason the lining that protects u from falling pregnant is now falling away, but also with the change in hormones in your body can also make you bleed especially the first 3 months as that is when ur body is ajusting to the pill.

For starters it usually takes a week for birth control to begin working. Secondly if you were using the pill then miss your pill for even one day your chances of getting pregnant go up.

Yes if you are on the pill and forgot it that morning you can take it after. If you are not on the pill you can get the morning after pill up to 3-5 days after. Take a pregnancy test 2 weeks after.

No only if you get punched in the nose yeah

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