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It may make you sick. It depends on how much you consume or what condition it is in.

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Q: Will you die if you eat too much cheese?
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Is it possible to die from too much cheese?

Well, you can die from eating too much of anything. If you eat too much food, you can have a heart attack and die.

Can mice die from cheese?

Of course they can, if they eat to much or it is poisoned, anybody can die from eating too much of anything.

Why is cheese unhealthy?

Cheese is not unhealhy unless you eat too much of it.

Can you eat too much cottage cheese?

If you consume too much your stomach will explode.

Why do some people get constipated?

Cause you eat too much cheese.

What happens when you eat too much cheese?

From personal experience, I can say that you feel nauseous if you eat too much cheese. You would probably vomit before any permanent damage was caused. you become overweight and you could die from a heart attack constipation and gas are known to happen.

What happens if a cat licks cheese?

Nothing will happen. Cats can eat cheese just not too much of it.

Can you eat too much cheese?

Yes, you can. Cheese is often high in fat and sometimes high in salt depending on the type. Also too much cheese makes some people constipated.

What if you like cheese?

well good for you, cheese is yummy! (just dont eat too much, its full of fat)

Does cheese give you diarrhea?

Not generally, just make sure you do not eat too much, or you will get a stomach ache. It is not good to eat/ drink too much of anything.

Can you eat to much cottage cheese?

you can always eat too much of something, especially carbohydrates. everyone need to watch their diet and eat healthy

How much is too much sperm to eat?

U die

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