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How much cheese should one eat as part of a healthy diet?

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  • Cheese is not only dairy, but a source of protein. You can have 3 1/2 ounces of cheese per week. If you eat too much cheese it can bind you and cause constipation. Nightmares to multiple dreams have been linked to eating cheese too late in the evening, so if you want it, use it for lunch and dinner only or in a morning omelet.

2010-05-10 08:24:52
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Q: How much cheese should one eat as part of a healthy diet?
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Is cheese good for you during pregnancy?

A little cheese is good for you while you are pregnant, but not too much. A very balanced and healthy diet is good for you during pregnancy.

How much should a horse eat?

you should feed them a healthy diet of nubs, fubs, and gubbers.

Can you eat to much cottage cheese?

you can always eat too much of something, especially carbohydrates. everyone need to watch their diet and eat healthy

How much should I way I am a 15 year old female with the night of 5'6 Any ideas on how much I should weigh for a healthy diet?

For a healthy diet, you should weight around 115 lbs if you are a 15 year old female with the height of 5'6.

Which food groups should be limited as part of a healthy diet?

Meat and alternatives should be limited, but really you should not eat too much of any of the categories as you need a variety of healthy foods to be healthy.

Can a cat get sick from eating a cheese burger?

Yes. Domestic cats have very sensitive digestive systems. You should feed your a cat a regular healthy diet from a reputable source - Iams, Science Diet, Purina (I don't like Purina but it's better than a cheese burger), etc. They also require a fresh water source. Too much cheese or raw hamburger can kill a domestic cat.

Is marcaroni cheese healthy?

It depends on how you make it and how much cheese you use but homemade is the best.

What happens if you have a healthy diet?

Diet is one of the most important factors that contributes to the health of a person, so if you eat a healthy diet, it is much more likely that you will be a healthy person.

Are cheese puffs healthy?

no. Too much fat

Why should you not be vegetarians?

People choose not to be vegetarian for different reasons. However, a vegetarian diet is much more healthy than a diet of meat and dairy.

How much high fructose corn syrup should you have?

Corn syrup is not necessary for a healthy diet and should be used in moderation, if at all.

Is cheese burgers better then bananas?

cheese burgers are so much better and there more healthy

When having to use cottage cheese on a diet can you use ricotta cheese instead?

definitely not cuz cottage cheese ain't have so much fat as ricotta cheese. If ur on a diet, id say follow the recipe ur usin so your diet works. :)

How much should you weigh if your 5 feet tall?

i way 103 pounds so you should average out to about 100lbs and maintain a healthy diet

Is macaroni and cheese healthy?

It depends, if you have it too much it can be unhealthy and if you have it once a week or not to regularly it is healthy.

Is diet food helthy?

Yes diet foods are healthy you just have to watch it on how much you eat of them. You should have at lest 2 servings a day. But 1 serving for lunch and 1 serving for dinner. Rembmber eat healthy!

Should I eat eggs if I am on a diabetic diet?

Yes, you can eat eggs if you are on a diabetic diet. You are able to gain a great amount of protein which is much needed from them. This is a healthy food for diabetics, and anyone who would like to eat healthy.

What foods are most healthy?

you should always have a balanced diet: carbs such as pasta, bread, rice fruit and veg protein such as meat but not too much red meat, vitamins and minerals, such as vit A iron dairy such as milk or cheese hope this helped :)

How much should a 12 year old girl consume or eat?

a good healthy diet, with plenty of fruit and veggies.

What is a healthy diet for a teenager?

A healthy diet for a teenager is eating right according to the Food Guide Pyramid! If a teenager eats a balanced diet, he or she will be much more healthy than someone who does not. Check out It's a Web site designed to be a guide for those trying to create a healthy diet.

What is a healthy triangle?

You might be referring to the Food Triangle or Food Pyramid. It is a graphic shoeing how much of the different food groups should be eaten daily to maintain a healthy diet.

Why too much fat in the diet is healthy?

because you can die

Which plan groups foods according to types and indicates how much of each type should be eaten daily for a healthy diet?

my pyramid.

How to Follow a Healthy No Sugar Diet?

The prospect of cutting sugar from your diet completely can seem like a good way to lose weight, and you might be wondering about how you can follow a no sugar diet. However, you should realize that many healthy foods include some sugars, such as fruits, so it is important for you to make sure that you are following a healthy no sugar diet if you decide to go on one. This means that you should do as much research as possible before following one of these diets. You should also consider talking to your doctor before changing your diet plan dramatically for best results.

Can a cat die from eating cheese?

If they eat to much cheese its possible, but just by eating cheese, NO, cheese is not particularly healthy for cats because of the milk in it, but is not harmful in small amounts.