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No IT takes time to get over someone close to you. All I can say, is let him know how you feel, and leave the rest to him. Move on in your life and see if he comes back to you. IF he doesnt, move on and find someone who treats you how you should be treated! Good Luck It depends why you broke-up in the first place.Try talking to him and tell him how you feel.He might love you too.If not you have to move on with your life.Marty Maybe.Try calling him and tell how you feel,you never know.He might be missing you too.Me and my girlfriend broke up about 3 weeks ago and it wasn't very mature.I said somethings that were hurtful to her because I was in alot of pain.But while it's too late for me to be with her you might still have a chance.Love is not something that comes around everyday.So take a chance and try to get him back.marty How long have you been broken up for? Maybe give him a call and see how it goes. If he has a girlfriend just ignore him. In fact the best way to win someone back is just go on with your life. Once he sees you dont need him he may see a whole stronger you and want you more. Its hard to say though as i dont know why you guys broke up. Although I promised myself at 14 when I started dating that there would be no "take-backs" I am dating an ex. And it is wonderful. We dated when I was 15, I screwed it up badly and then I broke up with him. We dated for a grand total of 8 months. We started dating again almost two years ago, when I was 22. It took me three months of concerted effort to get the ball rolling and another three months before we were a couple. We had to get comfortable being friends again, being attracted to each other, get over our baggage from our previous relationships with each other and after that and I had to rebuild some trust. It worked because he still liked me for who I am despite how I had hurt him, and because I gave him lots of time and space. If he is attracted to you and likes you for who you are there is potential if he is not with someone else. But, I think it was the eight years in between that made it possible for us. So, although I think that almost always take backs are bad, sometimes they are worth while. Date some other people and if a few years and boyfriends later he still seems worth earning back go for it! You can get him back but give him space for some time and see how it goes from there...follow your heart because you love this guy, dont listen to what your mind is saying "he wont take you back" because your heart is going to suffer if you dont try not your logic. Try to get him back. If he doesnt come back than at least you'll have some closure/.

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Q: Will you ever get your ex back if you love him and miss him?
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Why do you miss your ex?

usually, because you miss the person's companionship, and you still love them

What do you do if you have moved on but you still miss your ex and you have the chance to get back with them but you also love the guy you're with?

If you miss your ex then it does seem, from your question that you may not have moved on after all. If the guy your with is a rebound, your present relationship may not last. Have you had space between the relationships ?

How long is too long to miss your ex?

if you miss them you must still love them and ther for want to be with them

How do you write a love letter to your ex girlfriend to try and win her back?

Tell her you miss her and you made a mistake.If that doesn't work tell her you care about her and you'll do any thing to get her back

What should you do if you still love miss need your ex?

AnswerDo you mean, 'What should you do if you still love/miss/need your ex'? If you do, then it depends on how you broke up. If it is clear that he/she does not want anything more to do with you, then you have to leave it and let go, no matter how hard that might be. Trying to get them back could just be more painful for both of you.

What does it mean when your ex say they miss u?

Possibly that you ex misses you and wants to get back together

What do you do if you love an ex and the ex doesn't love you back and you are with someone else already?

get over it already

What does it mean when you dream about getting back together with a ex?

that you prolly miss her and want to get back with her

Why would a man go back to an ex that has detroyed the current relationship?

He probably still feels love for the ex although they have destroyed their current relationship. The man might have low self esteem and might not believe that anyone else could love them. He might also have children with the ex and miss being a family unit with the ex.

You still love your ex what do you do?

You should tell your ex and go from there because who knows they might love you back!

What do you do when your boyfriend comes out and says he misses his ex and dumps you over it saying that he is over his ex but not over there love and no other love will ever be the same?

You move on, don't try to get him back. Cause he doesn't like you, but another girl.

Does ex ever come back?

yes, i know how you feel. but my ex came back. just beileve

Does no contact ever win your ex back?

depends on how the person is. Some love to be reminded how important they are while some like a challange.

Can an ex still miss you even when they have moved on?

He can, if he still loves you. If he didn't marry you out of love, then he probably won't miss you after the separation.

What do you do if you still love you ex and your ex loves you back and you have a boyfriend that you love as well?

Do you remember why you guys broke up? How do you know it won't happen again? But here's a question: which one would you marry if you had too? And you couldn't get a divorce ever?

How do you prove you will no cheat in your ex again if he takes you back?

i can prove to my ex that i still love her/him or shes the only girl/boy I've ever love in my entire whole life or i will not do the things she/he doesn't like just to prove her/him that i still love him/her like cheating its rude to do such a thing like that but its up to you if you still want to cheat on your ex if he/she takes you back its still up to you......

You love your ex boyfriend how do you get back with him?

you cant

Is my narcissist ex done crawling back to me if he told me he's in love with another woman?

Only until he falls out of love with her. Your ex will be done crawling back to you when you stop accepting him back.

Why do ex partners say they love you?

To lure you back in to a relationship. An Ex is an EX for a reason.

How can you show your ex boyfriend how much you miss him and want him back in your life?

Try to do a big event that shows how much you love him.For example do something that is similar to when you met.

Is it true that guys do not miss and love their ex girlfriend that were together for eight years and is easy for them to move on and forget her?

No, it is not always true that guys don't miss their ex girlfriends. A percentage of guys actually do miss their girlfriends. It's not easy for some guys to get over their ex girlfriends anymore than an ex girlfriend trying to get over her ex boyfriend.

If you are in bad marriage and want to get back to your ex boyfriend?

Divorce them and beg your ex to came back! It works if your ex is a big softie or loves love!

What does it mean when your ex says 'I'm in ever-growing love for you'?

He means that either: 1. he wants to get back together 2. he wants to get in your pants.

How do you get your ex back when you cheated on her and break up with her?

show her how much u love her and need her back in your life.... if she loves you she will come back... and say sorry to her for breaking her heart and promise her you wont ever break her heart again... and always tell her you love her... =)

Why would someone miss her ex-boyfriend and want him back after breaking up with him?

she probably wasn't the one to dump him. If she did, she wouldn't miss him. I know a lot of people who break up with their boyfriends but they don't ever want them back. If they get back with them, it usually is for the wrong reasons. If you don't have any communication in the relationship, it will end in disaster.