Will you get sick if you eat a maggot?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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it depends. if you happen to have a strong stomach for all the exotic foods like this then you will not get sick and vice versa.

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Q: Will you get sick if you eat a maggot?
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If you eat maggot in a fruit does it get digested?

If you eat a maggot that is in a fruit, it will get digested in your body. You should not get sick, but if you do, visit your doctor to be checked out.

Can a maggot eat a live lizard?

Yes, a maggot can eat a live lizard. There was a fatally wounded lizard on my driveway. It had a large hole, and maggots were along and in it.

What does a maggot eat?

any type of food and dead bodies

What would eat a maggot?

Maggots would most likely eat what ever they could find like trash

Are Dominican rebublic and Cuba alike?

I dont care so go lick your greatgrandma maggot licker and go eat maggot eggs with her and go watch tv like a fatty and eat chips and dance with al capitino!

Will maggots eat poisonous mushrooms?

yes a maggot eats rotting logs.

Do maggots eat dingos live?

Yes, my Maggot devoured several living female Dingoes.

Can you die after eating a maggot?

No. Ever watch Survivor ? They eat that sort of thing all the time.

What is the young fly called?

A young fly is commonly referred to as a maggot. They get around by crawling since they have not developed their wings yet.

How do you know there is a maggot in your body?

Unless you ate one (in which case it would be dead) there isn't a maggot in you body. Maggots only eat dead tissue and this is why they can be soo usefull for thinks like gangreen where the eat the dead, rotten tissue but are not interested in the healthy stuff.

What is the ISBN of A Maggot?

The ISBN of A Maggot is 0224028065.

When was A Maggot created?

A Maggot was created in 1985.