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You need to ask yourself why you would even entertain the idea of wanting to hear from your narcissistic boyfriend. Even though drunk you still told him the truth so now it's over and move on!

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โˆ™ 2006-08-29 06:40:26
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Q: Will you hear from your narcissistic boyfriend again if while on holiday you got drunk and told him a few home truths and he broke up with you?
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What does it mean when your narcissistic ex-boyfriend never contacts you again after they dump you?

He will either leave, with no remorse or shame for abuse he has imposed, and seek out a new source of supply or he will immediaety swing back into persuit mode, with singular goal of winning you back. A narcissistic does not want to be alone and needs constant attention for someone to validate him. He will be back to charm you again this ain't end for him

What does it mean when your narcissistic boyfriend dumps you and never contacts you again?

I think it means it's your lucky day. There is no lasting joy (if any at all) to be had in a relationship with a narcissist. If he never contacts you again consider yourself lucky...again. I hear that someone who is narcissistic thrives on contacting ex's over and over again just to see if they can get you back. I don't really know if that's true or not but I've heard it from others many times. I would be thankful, move on, and consider yourself free from potential misery.

When I tell my narcissistic husband that I never want to be with him again what do you think he will do?

Beat you with a shoe and tie you to a bed.

Do narcissistic men dump you then come back?

Yes - and they do it all over again. RUN AWAY ASAP!

What do you do so that your boyfriend could trust you again after you lied to him?

get a new boyfriend...

How do you get your boyfriend to love you again?

Tell him you will have sex with him

How do you get your ex-boyfriend to ask you out again?

Sleep with him.

If your boyfriend and you just made out what now?

Do it again!!! :)

How to get your boyfriend to love you again?

Tell him you will have sex with him

What happens if you like your best friends boyfriend?

your a bad friend and never talk to her boyfriend again

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Nick Jonas...Again.

How do you get your ex boyfriend to want you again?

make him jealous

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