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NO, vinegar does not make you miscarry. If you have miscarried after drinking vinegar there is no connection between the two.

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2005-09-27 13:36:16
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Q: Will you lose your baby if you drink vinegar?
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If you drink too much vinegar when you 3 weeks pregnant can you hurt the baby?

If you drink vinegar when youre 1 month pregnet can your baby dieIf you drink vinegar when youre 1 month pregnet can your baby die

Does drinking vinegar help lose weight?

vinegar helps to lose weight if u drink enough to throw up

If I drink vinegar will you loss weight?

I don't know. Why don't you try? ANS #2: ~No. If you drink vinegar, I'll still be fat...But, will you lose weight? If you drink ONLY vinegar you will starve or become ill from a vitamin deficiency. If you drink vinegar before you eat, you might find yourself eating less. That is the key: Eating less and exercising more is the safest way to lose weight.

Can a pregnant woman drink vinegar?

Whoever put it would kill your unborn baby is an idiot. No apple cider vinegar will not harm your unborn baby. It is safe to drink but if you have questions you should contact your doctor.

What happens if you drink during pregnancy?

You can lose your baby, or make the baby paralyzed.

If you're a week pregnant and you drink vinegar will the baby die?

No, drinking vinegar is an old wives tale - it will not stop a pregnancy.

Does vinegar really help you to lose weight?

noTemporally yes. If you drink enough to throw up...

Why would someone want to drink vinegar?

Because its known to control your appetite and make you lose weight.

How much vinegar should you drink a week?

None. You don't drink vinegar

Can you drink vinegar while pregnant to lose weight?

Its not good to "lose weight" when your pregnant! You shouldn't even be thinking about dieting. That baby needs all the proper nutrition it can get! I bet your one of those chicks that are pregnant and think Oh I'm fat... NO YOUR PREGNANT! Your suppose to be huge! Worry about losing the baby fat after the kid is born!

Easy ways to lose baby fat?

dont drink soda and in about 2 weeks u will lose 8 pounds

Is vinegar bad for you to drink?

Yes. It is bad to drink vinegar. Little vinegar that you take in your diet is harmless. Lot of vinegar will put lot of pressure on your kidneys.

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