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The transmission will need to be replaced and it isn't any fun i just did the same thang my self

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 18:29:58
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Q: Will you need a new transmission 1988 grand prix car pulls in 1st and 2nd but not in reverse or drive but will go throw gears when shifted manually could this be something simple to fix?
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Did Volkswagen make a fully automatic transmission for the old style bugs?

No. They did make a manually shifted "Semi Automatic transmission". No clutch, just shifted manually.

Why would our 2004 Grand Caravan not move when shifted forward or reverse?

Check transmission Fluids.

Does a 1955 Dynaflow Transmission have to be manually shifted from first to second gear?

A.K.A Hydramatic, A.K.A PowerGlide. Also known as an Automatic Transmission. Hope This Helps.

Why is a Lincoln LS V8 making a engine noise when it is shifted into drive or reverse?

If a Lincoln LS V8 is making a engine noise when it is shifted into drive or reverse, it could indicate a seized gear in the transmission. It could also indicate a low transmission fluid warning.

What is causing my 1996 Saturn SL2 to clunk when shifted into reverse?

sounds like a motor or transmission mount is your likely problem

Can you turn a automatic transmission into a manual one?

A fully manual valve body in an automatic will need to be shifted manually ( no clutch ) May not be available for your application .

Why does the transmission not engage in drive but works fine when manually shifted from low on a 1989 Honda Prelude with an automatic transmission?

hello - possibly a poorly adjusted/stretched/worn bushs (if you are lucky) console gearshifter to trans gear selector cable:there is an adjustment procedure to follow for this.It should also select reverse ok at the correct reverse position,with back-up lights lighting too,as a quick preliminary check.

Why does your transmission not shift?

You haven't shifted it!

What is cause of noise when I shift car is shifted from reverse to drive or accelerate?

Could be a universal joint. If front wheel drive, it could be the constant velocity joint. I am assuming you have an automatic transmission. If it is a standard transmission, it could be the throwout bearing.

What causes reverse lights to stay on?

Both a stuck reverse switch and shorted wiring can be causes for reverse lights to stay on. Under normal circumstances, the reverse lights turn off as soon as the vehicle is shifted out of reverse.

Today my car was in reverse but I hit the gas and it didn't move. Went into drive and the same thing I shifted back to park and started again and it was fine?

As soon as possible check the transmission fluid level.

Purpose of an interlock device fitted to a manual gearbox?

I think you may find your wrong. An interlock system is there to stop the gear lever from selecting two gears at the same time because if this happened then it would lock the gearbox up... Two versions of this in common usage: Reverse lock out to prevent the transmission being shifted into reverse from (commonly) fifth or high gear. The other type requires the transmission be placed in reverse to remove the key from the ignition.

Why does my 92 Cavalier with auto transmission run in park but when placed in drive or reverse it stalls It has to start in neuteral then shifted in to drive or reverse so it can run without stalling?

You have to unplug the electronic speedometer sensor located on the top rear of the transmission. It can be reached from above but its easiest to find with a lift. I have a 1990 cavalier and it has the same issue. I think its a problem with the sensor module that the speedo reader plugs into.

What is Hydraulic 5 speed Manuel transmission?

It is a 5 speed manual transmission that is operated/shifted by means of a hydraulic operated clutch.

Can a hybrid car be down-shifted going down hills?

Some can, some can't. The 2014 Honda Insight I now have is equipped with paddle shifters that permit shifting as needed. The 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid I used to have had no means of manually shifting the transmission.

You had your car in neutral while coasting down a hill and while coasting at the bottom at about 20-25mph you accidentally shifted into reverse did you seriously damage your transmission?

You would have to try it yourself and see. Please report back your results here.

Why will van not go into gear?

I have a 1995 Ford Econoline van with an automatic transmission. When I went to drive the car today, the shift gear moved and shifted but would not go into gear. It's refusing to "click" into gear for Reverse, Neutral, or Drive, and has quite a problem clicking into Park as well. When I set the car to drive, it does not move, in fact it acts like it's in neutral. What's wrong with it? Is it the transmission, or possibly something else? If so, what?

Will timing affect the transmission on 1988 suburban?

yes, it will. i had a problem with my ignition and timing, and my transmission shifted like crap. hard shifts, delays, pounding, you name it. i would think it has to do with the way its equalized in the drivetrain. once i fixed the problems, it shifted as smooth as new.

Is a transmission range sensor the same as a transmission speed sensor?

No, the range sensor reads what gear or "range" you have shifted into.A speed sensor reads the speed of an item.No, the range sensor reads what gear or "range" you have shifted into.A speed sensor reads the speed of an item.

Why does your 1979 Firebird have to be in reverse to start?

your neurtral safety switch has shifted, it is very common in th-350 trannys.

What causes a 98 ford ranger xlt to only start in neutral?

The Neutral Safety switch This is a part found on all cars with automatic transmissions. It prevents the starter from engaging if the transmission is in any gear other than 'Park' or 'Neutral'. It also turns on the back-up lights when the transmission is shifted into "reverse". It can get out of adjustment or fail.

What are signs of transmission failure on a Chevy Blazer?

If the blazer is wheezing, it could be transmission, but if it has 4-wheel drive, check to make sure that the gear is correctly shifted.

Engine doesn't idle back at a stop until transmission is shifted into neutral?

Check the egr valve.

What is a symbolic gesture?

Is a gesture in which reality is shifted to make something happen

How much damage could've occurred if you accidentally shifted into reverse without clutch ONCE and only once?

Probably none