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Yes assuming you damged either car and your insurance company was informed Because you are At Fault an caused damage to a vechicles it goes up more but the stupid thing is when your not at fault it still goes up a lot just ask me I got cut off by a transport truck going the wrong way down a highways and rolled my car and my rates went up a lot.from around 340 to 534 a month thank god they have come down some.

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Q: Will your car insurance go up if you hit a parked car while backing out of a driveway?
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If you hit a car parked illegally across from your driveway while backing out are you responsible for repairing the car that is parked illegally?

Yes. Being illegally parked does not affect fault. If you strike a parked vehicle, it is ALWAYS your fault because you have a duty to ensure the way was clear before moving.

If your auto is damaged in a hit and run while parked in the driveway should you use the personal property rider on your auto insurance to cover it?

That would be considered a hit and run which would fall in the comp/coll portion of an insurance policy

If I hit a car parked in my driveway while backing out would the owner of the car submit a claim to my car insurance or my homeowners insurance since it took place on my property?

HI, Working in a car insurance company, you would claim off your car insurance as the vehicle was involved in the accident, however because it was on your own personal property you may be able to claim off your house insurance depending on the terms of your policy, you will find most homeowners insurance only covers the house itself and not the surrounding gardens

Who is at fault if you hit someone on a bicycle riding illegally on the sidewalk while you are backing out of your driveway?

You are!

If a car was parked on residential shared access and you hit it while backing out of the drive who is at fault if an insurance claim was made?

It would be darned hard to assess the blame on the parked car. If one vehicle is in motion and the other is not, 99.99% of the time, the moving vehicle is at fault.

What do you ask the insurance company for if your car was hit while parked?

If your car was hit while parked and the other driver drove off, then you ask for payment under your collision coverage.

In a private driveway someone backed into your car while you were parked and their insurance company says you are part negligent any suggestions?

Fight it! If the driveway was yours, then the other person had no business driving there. It does depend on what the reasons were. If you were parked more than 12 inches from the curb, then that is neglegent - it is law to be within 12 inches of the curb (never more). So find out why and keep all evidence. If you have to take that person to court, do so.

What do you do if someone hit your car while it was parked and they left their info?

Call them and their insurance company.

If you have no insurance and your car was hit while parked does the other person's insurance company pay?

It should. But it's much easier to collect if you have your own insurance.

In Canada who is at fault if a car hit another car while backing up?

The backing. The other car has the right of way wether they saw you or not doesn't change that. If it was parked, that's even worse.

Who is at fault if someone enters your private driveway and hits your vehicle while you are backing out?

It is the persons fault for entering your private driveway.Another View: If the collision occurred on private property, the insurance companies of both cars will be involved. As a general rule, the driver of the backing vehicle bears the responsbibility for making sure that he can safely proceed in reverse.

My car was hit while being parked do i have to have insurance for it to be fixed Or does the person that hit my car insurance pay for the damages?

The other person pays.

What if someone hits my car while parked and i don't have car insurance?

Several things can happen. Allowing you parked legally other than insurance: the person who hit your parked car is responsible to pay damage. If you were parked on private property the lack of insurance means nothing. If you were parked on a public road or public parking lot you could be on the hook for a ticket for uninsured vehicle, but the other guy should pay anyway. Don't admit to driving with out insurance!

Who is responsible if your car is vandalized while parked in your apartment complex parking stall?

You and your insurance company are responsible.

If while your car is parked in your own drive driveway and wind causes an object to strike the vehicle does that fall under auto collision or homeowner claim?

You'd most likely file that with your auto insurance, as that's the property that was damaged. Hoever, you might find there's a clause that says they won't cover acts of god, which, in the eyes of the insurance world, this was.

What info do you need to give them if car was hit while parked?

Your name, phone number and insurance policy number.

If you were parked in a parking space and you back out of your spot and while you are still backing out of it another car backs into you That is their fault right?

Generally, the person backing out is at fault. If you are both backing out you're probably both at fault and will probably share the cost of repair, with each repairing their own. yes because you were backing out and they hit your car its their fault!!!!!!! yes because you were backing out and they hit your car its their fault!!!!!!!

Who is at fault when 2 vehicles are parked side by side and one vehicle hits the other vehicle while backing out?

If one vehicle is sitting parked and one is in motion, then logic dictates the vehicle that was in motion is at fault and therefore responsible for the damages.

Do you need windstorm insurance if you are renter?

I am renting a trailer and a limb falls on my vehicle while parked on the property who is responsible for the damages

Who is responsible if a car was hit on private property while backing out of the driveway?

doesn't matter if an accident was on private property. get a police report immediately. this will be used to determine fault, if any.

The landscaper left his mower unattended and parked in my driveway turn around while crew is next door working and I back into the mower who pays the damages?

does he have insurance through the company? if so that should pick it up, if not you pick up the expense as the home owner and tecniqully employer if he was hired to do the job and his equipment was damaged.

Who is at fault if a car blocks your driveway and you back into it?

You know the answer: you hit a parked car! You're absolutely liable. On one hand, you should have been looking while backing out so it would be your fault. He may get a citation for parking there, but you could have avoided an accident by looking first. You will be lucky if you are not cited for reckless and dangerous driving. (In some states, contributory negligence on the part of the parked car's owner could reduce your liability, but you would still be at fault. Your best option is to report vehicles that are illegally parked and avoid any possible accidents.)

Who is at fault when someone runs into your rear bumper while you are backing up with cars parked on both sides of you in a single lane parking lot?

you are backing and they are going forward in the lane? more than likely it will be you, that is deemed 'at fault'.......the party backing must use a higher degree of care...doesn't matter (in this instance) that you are hit in the rear.......

What causes oil to leak when parked?

What makes you think it only leaks while parked. -

My tires were slashed while i was at work-my car parked on company property-does the company cover this-my car insurance doesn't?

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