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Make a comprehensive claim.

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Q: Will your car insurance pay for a shopping cart that rolled into a parked car?
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Are you responsible for damages when your shopping cart rolls into a parked car?

not if you get caught

Does homeowners insurance cover a shopping cart hitting a car by a person?

Automobiles are covered by Auto Insurance. If you have full coverage auto it will repair any damages caused to your vehicle by the shopping cart, minus your deductible of course. Homeowners Insurance does not cover automobiles, if it did, we would have no need for car insurance.

How many shopping cart hero's the are?

The answer is 3 shopping cart hero's

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A shopping cart full of groceries has more inertia.

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Click on show cart, or shopping bag ? :)

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Shopping cart website can be found online. Every online store should have a shopping cart function, when one purchase something and put in the shopping cart before checkout.

What are some cheap and easy shopping cart tools to setup for online shopping?

There are a few cheap and easy shopping cart tools to setup for online shopping. These include: Magento, Oscommerce, Zen Cart, PayPal Shopping Cart, Google Checkout.

Is someone liable for damages of a drink cart if the cart was parked to the front left of the tee box and the ball was mishit?

Sounds like a stupid place to have a drinks cart! It all depends, if you have taken out insurance either specific golf insurance, or with your golf club or the one you are playing they will cover it. If you have not, you will be liable.

What is your liability if you hit a car with a shopping cart?

if you hit a car with a shopping you will have to pay for the damages and the shopping cart itself so that the company that owns that shopping cart could get a new one.

What are the names of some good shopping cart software applications?

Some of the best shopping cart software available on the market is Pinnacle Cart and 3D Cart. Other popular shopping cart packages are those offered by Volusion, CS-Cart, and X-Cart.

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